Like our makeup, hair color and clothes, we change the color of our nails according to the times and seasons. In summer, there is a type of nail polish that you must wear. The lime green and coral shades are great, but we’re talking about a color-changing nail polish that does exactly what it sounds like, it changes color on its own. The warmer months are for bright nail colors and if you can get two shades for the price of one, it’s definitely a bargain.

With this type of nail polish, it is as if you have a manicure to play on the beach and another to rest on the sofa at home. No time is required for nail art and there are no tricks involved to enjoy this. If you’re ready for an exciting double manicure without repainting, here are some options to try.

Glitter – BMC Color Changing Nail Lacquer Gel Polish – $ 20

If you want glittery nails but don’t want them to stick with just one color, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. The finish of this polish is glossy and the color change function provides a change from pale pink when hot to bright fuchsia when cold.

Shimmer – Secret Mood Color Changing Nail Polish – $ 18

Your temperature tends to change when your mood does, and that’s how this polish works. With different colors available, the user can have a quick and easy manicure from darker to lighter shades depending on their mood.

Cream – Ruby Wing Electric Firefly – $ 10

The colors of this polish are perfect for summer. Bright lime green, the polish will turn a beautiful orange at sunset when exposed to UV rays.

Funfetti – Nice Polished Sock Filler – $ 9

Even a little heat will activate the color change properties in this polish and it will change from a pink base to white and vice versa. The confetti is just beautiful and it pairs with both bases.

Confetti Glitter – Del Sol Trippin ‘Out Polish – $$ 10

This is also another great option to enjoy glitter nails that change from one color to another and then back again. The glitter of this polish looks like confetti and is pink with yellow and white highlights. When exposed to the sun, this already bright confetti turns even brighter pink and shines brighter as the sun reflects off it.

Metallic – Just add sunshine on pinky fingers – $ 9

From shimmering pink on the inside to pale yellow on the outside, this polish has strong color-changing ability and is also very convenient.

Gel – DIY Hard Nails in Pink Galaxy – $ 15

You can enjoy 14 days chip-free with this long-lasting polish. The bright color change is just beautiful.

There are several brands that offer color-changing nail polishes, but these top options here are a great place to start. Choose your favorite finish but enjoy the luxury and ease of two colors in one during the summer.

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