Serena Williams’ agent said Tuesday that the thirteen-time Grand Slam winner is in the process of recovering from her foot injury and is expected to attend the US Open, all fit to play. Jill Smoller, Williams’ agent, said in a phone interview that Serena is a quick healer and is taking time to relax and improve for the next big title and also added that she will start her training session soon.

The top-ranked woman had undergone foot surgery in Los Angeles last week to have serious injuries to her right foot fixed. This Tuesday she posted on her tweeter account that she is totally tired of the rest phase since it is her fifth day of bed rest.

During his time in Munich, just after winning his fourth Wimbledon singles title, he seriously injured his right foot. This incident took place before he faced Kim Clijsters in an exhibition match on July 8 in Brussels, which witnessed a crowd of more than 35,681.

Due to his unexpected injury, Williams has to withdraw from three tournaments to be held in Istanbul, Mason and Montreal, which were scheduled as practice matches before the big event (US Open). Unfortunately, he also had to withdraw from the world team tennis season for the Washington Kastles. Usually neither of the Williams sisters speak publicly about their respective injuries, but this major one has kept her out of many major tournaments. In addition to her foot problem, her left knee had also kept her away from tennis throughout February, March and April. Right now, with two championships this year at Wimbledon and the Australian Open, he is at 25-4.

In 1990, at the young age of seventeen he won his first Grand Slam Championship. The year 2002 and 2008 witnessed the same thing when he returned to obtain the title. Unfortunately, she failed to win last year, when Kim Clijsters came out the winner in the semifinals.

US Open director Jim Curley regarded Williams as one of the greatest champions and wished her a speedy recovery.

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