Reason # 1: fecal odor

The first thing I would like to start by saying is that bearded dragon feces have the worst smell of any pets I have ever owned. The smell is very strong to have it in any room. I had my bearded dragon in my room and he sucked so bad I had to put him in the basement. Even then, he would still suck that too. The only place I would recommend keeping them would be in a shed, away from the house.

Reason # 2: Massive Amounts of Crickets

One of the worst things about owning a bearded dragon is having to buy a LOT of crickets for my bearded dragon. When they are little, they eat a lot of crickets. My beardie used to eat almost 20 crickets per sitting. Now he would buy almost 200 crickets at a time, and that would last him almost 2 weeks. That is roughly $ 20 per week. For an average teenager, that’s a lot of money to go around just for food, not to mention the calcium powder and veggies a beardie needs as well. But about crickets, you have to keep them in a separate cage and you also have to feed them! So not only should you feed your bearded dragon, but you should also feed the crickets just to keep them alive and nutritious.

# 3 Reason: Lighting and Heat

Although many people say that bearded dragons are very easy to care for, they still have many exceptions. Beardies need special lighting and heat. You will need to buy a very hot heat lamp that will produce a temperature of about 95 degrees on the hot side. At night you will also need a heating pad, for when the temperature is colder. Worst of all, in the midst of getting the right temperature, you also need to make sure the humidity is right or else it could affect your bearded dragon. You have to constantly spray the cage to keep it good.

Reason # 4: cage size

Although when you buy a bearded dragon, they are relatively small, 6-10 inches like a hatchling, they will grow to a reasonable size. Most sites will tell you that they are a great first reptile because of their size, but when they are fully grown, their cage may not be suitable. Most people say that a 55 gallon aquarium is an adequate size, but when you really look at the size of the tank, I think it is negligible. I think an adult beardie should have at least a 4ft x 1.5ft aquarium. It would be roughly a 75 gallon tank. In general, there are many different reptiles that can be smaller in aquarium size.

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