Why is your old Nintendo worth so much money? Why are people so interested in outdated hardware? What is attractive about it? As the games progress and the graphics improve, it seems that one of the most important parts is left out. The fun level of games! With competition in the video game industry now so aggressive, game developers are increasingly focusing on how the game looks and not the value of training. In the past, games didn’t look that good, and while marketing focused some of its energy on graphics, most of it was spent on the game. We are already seeing systems like the Wii and Xbox 360 that include downloadable or affordable retro game content. People can buy their old Nintendo or Super Nintendo games and play them on their Wii or Xbox 360. This allows the Nintendo Company to make money on a product that it no longer even produces. In addition, money is found, since the cost of production and distribution of these old and retro games is almost nil. The production of the multimedia disk is cheap and having it for download is not even less expensive for them. From a business standpoint, being able to charge for vintage retro games is a great marketing idea from Nintendo. Play Station has also tried to make Play Station 1 games for PSP, but there is a very poor selection.

It would not be very difficult and it would be in the best interest for any of these game companies to port all the most successful retro games and then charge a small fee for them on their current systems. It seems that these companies have forgotten about these games and have focused on the current games for their consoles. It seems a shame that there is no more migration from old retro games to a newer system, as there are many rare games for these retro consoles that can go as high as $ 300.

I still play my old Sega genesis, super Nintendo, Nintendo video game consoles much more than my new console. I feel like it is easier to get into the games and not so complex. Many of the newer games are now so advanced that it takes a lot of time and dedication to get good at or even solve them. I think this can be negative, especially when most people just want to play a game that they can participate in. Although it is great that we have these beautiful graphics, how good is it overall and what fun, if the game is so complex that most of your market cannot play it as well as enjoying these games and the gaming experience?

When I was a kid I loved to play video games. It was the most fun I could have. After I grew up to be a teenager, he seemed to lose interest in video games. The Genesis and Nintendo 64 that I had a lot of fun with and the Dreamcast was one of the best consoles in terms of training for me, but after that when I got my Xbox it just stayed there. Even though I had some of the best games, I only played them with friends and even then not so much. I now have an Xbox 360 and while it could be argued that the games for it have greatly impressed the game, for example Gears of War 2 is one of the best games on the 360, I still only play it socially with friends. I don’t know if I grew up with video games or games no longer appeal to me, but it still seems like I turn on my genesis and play classic games.

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