Fluke multimeters, everyone has heard of them. But not everyone knows why it is the best, in this article we will explain why Fluke is the best brand out there. We will discuss the following topics: Why the Fluke brand is safer than other brands, the price / quality of the brand, and the different types of Fluke multimeters.

Fluke and your safety

Fluke multimeters are the best meters out there, one of the most important marketing points is their safety. Multimeters have different categories when it comes to safety. These categories are called CAT. CAT I, CAT II, ​​CAT III, and Cat IV multimeters are available. The higher the CAT value, the more you can measure before breaking down.

We will show you an example of a Fluke multimeter compared to a cheaper brand. If we look at some industrial workers, for example, an engineer. Engineers will use a multimeter on a daily basis and come across high-voltage machines and cables. When you go to measure a high voltage cable and use a cheap brand multimeter with category CAT I or CAT II the device can explode in your hands. This is simply because the multimeter is not designed for that high voltage and will explode from the inside out immediately. A Fluke multimeter will never explode, they are all made from CAT III or CAT IV category. This means that the meter will tell you that the voltage is too high and will turn itself off. This way you will never be in danger.

Different types of Fluke multimeters

Each brand has its own different models, which is the same with Fluke. There are different types of meters and different types of models. They have a huge variety, so we will only discuss the best multimeter, otherwise it will take a long time.

Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter

This is currently the best Fluke multimeter out there. This is due to its price compared to the features it contains. The Fluke 87V is very accurate, which means it will give you the same result every time you measure. There are some cheaper brand multimeters that will give you different results; This can be very frustrating if you have to determine whether or not something is broken. But happily this meter has a very high precision.

The Fluke 87V’s range is adjusted to the best setting for the current situation. This is a great benefit because a small error when manually setting the multimeter and the measurement can contain an error that can lead to large errors or dangerous situations. The Fluke 87V handles it all on its own.

Calculating speed is also a very important feature in a meter. If you are measuring an object and the voltage will occasionally change, you will want to see it. Most of the cheaper meters won’t be able to handle the changing speed of electricity, but the Fluke 87V can!

Price / quality of Fluke multimeters

First, we can say that the relationship between price and quality is very good. Yes, you pay a little more compared to other brands, but as we explained above it is worth it. It’s worth it just for your safety. If someone asks me, do you think the extra money is worth the Fluke multimeter? I always answer with the following question: Do you think that a little more extra money is worth your own security?

After that, everyone looks at a Fluke multimeter.

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