Most of the people you meet are not leaving the country, but some do. Some of your friends will change their last names when they get married, but others will not. Others have common names and are easily lost in the crowd. Some we work with move to other companies and we lose contact due to competition issues. All of these things can make it difficult to find the cell number of an old friend, classmate, or colleague, but PeekYou is a site that hopes to change that for you.

A PeekYou profile is a place where people can go and link to your various sites and online resources. This means that they can add links to their photos, profiles on professional and social networking sites, blogs, and anything else related to them. Most of those who do this want to be found by old friends and classmates, so they do it to make it easier for them. Sometimes people can also contribute things about the people they know.

When you first access PeekYou, you will find a search by name that looks a lot like the same search you see on other sites. You can try this first, but make sure of the spelling as much as possible. If you’re unsure, try every variation you can think of before giving up. Note that PeekYou first searches through the profiles on your site, but then gives you the option to search for other sources, with Google being one of them.

If you get a match from PeekYou, someone may have listed phone numbers, including cell numbers, or left other contact information. You can also find mention of them in a different profile. If you don’t get a match, or too many, you can search in other ways. You can search for a different country, which is something other searches can’t do, or you can even search last known place of employment or school. Both can be immensely helpful.

What can be a problem with finding a cell phone number through PeekYou, or any other source, is that you can get a number, but it is unclear if it is the right person. When that happens, and you need verification before dialing, go for a reverse phone lookup to see what happens when you look up a phone number for more information.

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