In this article, I’m going to reveal some ‘magic’ spells on your lower abs workout that might make the likes of Harry Potter and his friends seem like the ‘three stooges’ in comparison. However, as any magician will tell you, good magic is about creating an illusion.

1. The “Sit at your desk” spell

If you are an office assistant and have to spend long hours at your desk at work, you probably have justification for complaining about a lack of time for anything, including exercise.

But wait … for this ‘spell’ to take effect, all you need is a desk! And a desk is what you have. Sit in your chair behind the desk and pull your stomach in as much as possible. Hold this position for as long as you can. Repeat as many times as you can during your workday.

2. The “Look what you eat” spell

Did you let my title fool you? Are you expecting something to emerge from your food that, if you look at it, will magically trim your lower abs? I’m afraid I’m not suggesting anything so esoteric; I simply ask you to be careful with your diet.

Avoid sodas, commercially fried foods, processed meats, sugar, salt, and foods high in saturated fat. Instead, opt for an edible regimen that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meats.

3. The ‘Magic Staircase’ spell

At last, I have given you a caption with the word “magic”. You must be curious to know where my “magic” staircase is. The answer: everywhere. Every ladder you find is a magic ladder, as long as you choose to climb it.

I know it must be tempting to take that elevator and get to your destination faster without breaking a sweat. Opt to climb stairs instead, whenever you encounter them, and you’ll soon start wondering why you ever bothered with elevators. You can start modestly (doing about 3 flights initially) and gradually increase it by one or two flights. This third ‘spell’ will act as a cardiovascular supplement to the abs workout that I have listed in the ‘spell’ under heading one, above.

Your lower abs are harder to trim. So, if you’re in a time trouble, or too addicted to television for any “ serious ” exercise, you need to think outside the box and work your exercise routine into your regular daily activities for maximum benefits without Perceptible effort. You’ll know you’ve arrived when your friends greet you with: “Hi Houdini, you look great!”

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