T-Mobile will offer and announce a new Android phone in due course to ditch the old G1 smartphone. This myTouch 3G from T-Mobile will take over right now.

Perhaps, as some of you may be wondering, if you know the HTC Magic in other parts of the world, you also know it as well as the myTouch 3G. This smartphone from T-Mobile will come and offer with a sleek and contoured body, daring a number of new features that are sure to lead to success compared to its rather quiet predecessor.

In addition, you will also get a virtual keyboard along with a full touch screen, which will help you send text messages and emails faster without getting bogged down with typos.

With over thousands of applications from Android Market that you can also take advantage of from the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, you will be able to add the ability to richly customize menus, icons, wallpapers, and more, as it will allow users to create unique wireless phones and experiences. unique.

Ultimately, this smartphone will evolve to become a virtual extension of oneself, but when it comes to colors, it’s a shame as they don’t have too many options because the choice of colors will be limited to only 3 colors at a time. . they’re releasing – they’re black, white, and a distinctive merlot.

You can expect quality parts to be included in the mix, as HTC is the brainpower behind the design of myTouch 3G.

HTC is the brains behind the design of myTouch 3G, so you can expect quality parts to be included. It depends on how you hold myTouch 3G, as it supports a virtual keyboard that will automatically orient itself in landscape or portrait modes and has a 3.2 “HVGA touchscreen.

Also, there is something that other smartphone manufacturers have managed to squeeze in despite launching a slim phone is that the myTouch 3G is also equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera, but it is still considered as the lack of an in-camera flash as What is one. which has left us scratching our heads.

The other features that will come with myTouch 3G, it will be equipped with video playback, MMS, email, micro SD memory card slot, music player and, above all, it will come with Wi-Fi connectivity compatible with T- 3G network of the mobile.

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