Ever thought that driving a forty-year-old car could put a satisfied smile on your face?

The smile doesn’t come from the quirky looks, nor the sound system, as this shiny little car

he doesn’t even have one.

The classic lotus impulse was made famous in part by Emma Peel from the old TV show The Avengers (1960s), Emma chose to spin on impulse. It was the kind of car that had instant sex appeal, and it somehow made people on the sidewalk say, “I have to have one” as they watched the lotus disappear on the road.

Lotus élans are small, cute, and they swooned a lot of girls, as well as some youngsters who wish they could afford one.

Forty years later, these fantastic Colin Chapman-designed Lotus / British sports cars have become highly desirable driver / collector’s cars. While they earned a reputation for being unreliable and expensive to repair and maintain, they were actually no worse than any other high-performance sports car of the day.

But they are an exhilarating and fun sports car that can still put many so-called performance cars to shame, driving an Élan down a winding and winding alpine road, and few cars will be able to follow it.

Special parts are no longer a problem for the lotus élan, as there are many specialists who manufacture high-quality aftermarket parts, helping owners and enthusiasts alike to maintain the brand, parts that provide longevity and cutting-edge technology for keep the classic lotus élan sports car. even more desirable than when they were new out of the factory.

As most people know, Lotus was once a major force on the Formula 1 world scene, having won several grand prix and F1 constructors’ championships. The late Colin Chapman, owner of Lotus Car Co, produced some brilliant race car chassis designs, many of these principles were bestowed on his Lotus Sports road cars, and enthusiasm was no exception, the basic design was perfect from the beginning.

Starting back in its day (early 60s) the élan could go from zero to 60 mph (100 km / h) in about 8 seconds, even today the fast élans are below 7 seconds which is not bad for a car Powered by a small engine with only 1600cc capacity.

The élan was well known for its fast performance, brilliant chassis dynamics, excellent handling and brakes, it was simply a delight … “put a smile on your face like the kind of car to drive” and it still is.

Few cars of yesteryear can conjure up an approving smile like an élan lotus, they were almost the perfect recipe for driving. Today’s cars are becoming so controlled with electronic overrides that the fun has been removed from everyday driving.

If you want to change all that and add a little zest to your weekend driving, buy a classic Lotus élan, which will quickly become your weekend lover.

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