This is an article on reality-based self-defense and survival. Before I can get into the description of the best first shots, I feel like I need to lay the groundwork a bit by explaining a couple of key RBSF principles:

Principle No. RBSF # 1 – Must be focused on goal and not technique – What this means is that you shouldn’t worry at all about looking pretty or doing the perfect execution of some exotic martial arts move (like a backward spinning kick to the face or something as ridiculous as that), but instead should focus on the best target or place to hit that will deal the most damage with the least amount of skill required for execution.

RBSF Principle # 2 – Play shy, then attack first, fast and furious without stopping until the threat is neutralized – This ploy is a bit of psychological warfare in combination with physical tracking. Your goal is to hit when the opponent is distracted or not ready.

With these two basic RBSF principles in place, I can now address the topic that will be discussed here:

The 4 best first punches to quickly end a fight

Best First Hit # 1 – Throw any drink in your attacker’s face – This is one of the favorites of Norm, one of my RBSF teachers. If you’re at a club, party, restaurant, or anywhere you can get a drink, this can be used very effectively as a first hit for a series of subsequent hits. Any drink will do, even water. If it’s hot coffee, so much the better. The technique is to extend your arm fully, if possible, towards your face, mid-sentence while talking to the assailant. Avoid short choppy shots or you may miss hitting the eyes with your drink.

Best First Hit # 2 – Finger prick in the eyes – You miss the vision pricking your eyes with your finger with an open palm. Your fingers should be slightly curved and extended. Doing it this way will reduce the chance of injuring your fingers.

Best First Hit # 3 – The Golden Throat “Karate Chop” SlamIf you punch or “karate punch” him with the side of your hand, the fight is practically over, because at that point he’s not thinking about fighting you anymore, he’s just coughing, gagging, and panicking when you see him. thinking. eyes wide open in a state of semi-shock, “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! I must breathe!”

Best First Hit # 4 – Spit in Attackers’ Face – You can do this using just your “pure” saliva or, even more effective, if you are chewing on something like an apple and it suddenly spits the pulp in your face. By reflex, he will raise both hands to cover his face. Everything below the neck is now wide open for “the touchdown.” At this point you can start by kicking your inner thigh just above the knee or just go for the gold – that’s nuggets! (You know what I’m talking about, the family jewels!)

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