Steamvault is a level 67-70 instance in the Coilfang depot. This is also the only instance a player can use to reach exalted level with the Cenarion Expedition in a normal or heroic setting, so knowing how to beat it is important. That’s how.

Hydromancer Thespia

The first Steamvault boss is Hydromancer Thespia. She is a Naga with two additions and three different spells, all of which are natural damage.

The first is the spell you will use is Lighting Cloud. This is an area of ​​effect spell, or AoE, that deals 1500-2000 damage per second to anyone within it. Players must get out of there as soon as they can to avoid death.

Another spell he uses is Enveloping Winds. Hydromancer Thespia will target a random person in the group and throw them to stun them for six seconds. It’s a debuff and can be dispelled so players aren’t caught in its glow cloud.

The last spell he will use is a debuff called Dispellable that deals 500 damage every 2 seconds. Hydromancer Thespia’s two additions have very few hit points, but they do have the Frostbolt Volley spell, which shoots freezing blasts at everyone in the party.

To start the fight, have the tank grab aggro on Hydromancer Thespia and one of the attachments while the other is burned by the group. Then, kill the second add and then Thespia.

Mechanical Engineer Steamrigger

The second boss in Steamvault is Mekgineer Steamrigger. He has three abilities that will affect the party:

Super Shrink Ray: This reduces the damage of the targets by 35% with the possibility of counterattacking.

· Electrified net: it is a net thrown on the player very similar to the one that tailors can make. Prevents players from moving while dealing 500 damage to the player.

Saw Blade – The Mekgineer Steamrigger launches a saw blade that will hit everyone in range, dealing 1500-2500 damage.

To start the fight, have the tank grab the aggro Mekgineer Steamrigger and get the DPS to work. Once his health drops to 25%, he will summon three to five additions to heal him. These can be collected using Thunder Clap, Consecration, or any ability that hits multiple targets and needs to be burned immediately. Once the attachments are damaged, they will stop healing and attack the player who hit them. When all additions are dead, continue to deal damage to the Mekgineer Steamrigger until it dies.

Warlord Kalithresh

The third and final boss is Warlord Kalithresh. This fight can be very difficult. Have the tank aggro him near a container while the party starts with DPS. When Warlord Kalithresh begins channeling one of the containers, destroy it before the spell is released or he will receive his Warlord’s Rage buff. This is a self-placing buff that increases damage dealt by 75% and attack speed by 70%. This benefit cannot be dispelled.

Once the container is dead, continue to kill Warlord Kalithresh and repeat this process until he dies.

If you are still fighting for your character to reach the level cap, you may want to read the Idemise guide.

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