Have you ever wondered what those tags are for on YouTube videos? Have no idea what you write for your video description?

Uploading videos to YouTube is just the beginning for video creators who want to get famous online. The next step, of course, is to plan how to make your videos look and the main way to do that is through the correct use of metadata.

Metadata simply means data about the data. Include all the details related to the video you uploaded, from the title to the tags below. Metadata plays an important role in online exposure because the search engine compares it to your videos when users search for a particular keyword. The metadata also attracts online businesses to place ads on their website or videos.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your metadata:

1. Stop falling in love with complicated words in your title.. Use words that most people use in everyday language. For example, if you are uploading a sketch comedy video, it is wiser to put the word “funny” rather than “extremely cool” in your title or tags. When was the last time you used “extremely rad” when searching for a comedy video? You will have the option and more freedom to use adjectives like those mentioned above when writing your video description.

2. Always use the description box for your videos. YouTube allows its users to include a description of their videos that can include suggestions, the video script, or simply a summary of what viewers should expect from them. It has a maximum limit of 5,000 characters and YouTubers should take advantage of it. Search engine optimization rules can also be applied here, which involves strategic repetition of keywords in the description. –

3. Choose the right tags for your videos. It’s important to make sure you make use of the tag section and include as many words as possible related to the content of your video tags, and then go for a generic idea like “electronic equipment” as well. Think of all the possible tags you can associate with your video so that more people can find it. If you feel like you still need more help choosing your tags, you can also check out YouTube’s keyword suggestion tool.

Metadata is your trusted tool for getting exposure online, second to engaging content. With the right choice of words to describe your videos, you can attract all types of viewers and gain new subscribers. You’ll be well on your way to getting more views in no time.

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