The traditional idea of ​​surrogacy refers to the act of taking female eggs and male sperm to allow the baby to grow in another woman’s uterus (or simply use the male sperm and another woman’s egg). Some people ask if natural surrogacy is possible through sexual intercourse.

I must say that making love to a woman just because you want her to carry your baby is the idea of ​​middle age. Modern surrogacy generally does not involve any sexual relationship between the surrogate mother and the man who wishes to be a father.

But before moving on to the next part, let’s remove some ambiguities. Know that ‘sexual surrogacy’ is a profession and does not refer to what you understand by having sex with the surrogate mom or dad.

This is what a sexual surrogate does …

In clinical terms, the sex surrogate is a member within the sex therapy group / team who engages in close physical / sexual relationships with the patient to achieve specific therapeutic goals.

Most surrogates are usually female. Men become substitutes in rare cases. Would you believe that some married couples have made surrogacy their “profession”?

Some surrogate mothers regularly work in surrogacy counseling centers. You can also find substitutes who have opened their own offices. And when a surrogate works for a counseling service, their job description may include telephone counseling and / or sexological body work.

Today, surrogates are professionally certified to show their experience and expertise in high-demand fields such as sexuality, psychology, and counseling. Therefore, they can work hand in hand with professional psychiatrists, sexologists and psychologists or many other therapists to ensure the well-being of a given patient.

It was all about sexual surrogates, now let’s get back to the topic.

In modern times, there are rarely official agreements for surrogacy through direct sexual relations. There are 3 basic reasons behind this.

1. Just find the root of the problem. What is a couple about? It’s about love and trust between them. Would any of the members of the couple like their partner to be involved in a sexual relationship with a surrogate mother? Probably not!

2. Second, surrogacy in modern medical terms involves highly sophisticated clinical actions such as artificial insemination, intrauterine insemination, surrogacy or intracervical insemination.

On the other hand, surrogacy sex is a thing of medieval times, where women were chosen to have sex with the male and give the baby to that couple in exchange for payment.

These cases are not common these days. After all, the big idea behind the advent of sophisticated surrogacy centers was to allow people to avoid sex for surrogacy.

3. Surrogacy involves many legal problems along with super sophisticated clinical actions from highly skilled professionals. So even if you escape the involvement of medical professionals by doing it through sexual intercourse, you cannot deny legal slavery.

And what about the emotional bond between the surrogate mother and the baby? In sophisticated and artificial surrogacy, all of this is handled by involving the signing of the contract and carefully choosing and preparing the donor.

So here emotional bondage is carefully avoided. But despite the fact that “sex” sounds natural, actual sex has every chance to throw everything out of control.

Surrogacy through sexual intercourse is less common.

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