One of the most important things you can do as the head of marketing for your own business is to stay on the minds of your prospects and customers. The reason this is so important is that if you are not a priority when the need for your services arises, the likelihood that they will end up buying from you is greatly reduced.

You may be thinking that staying in mind is an expensive and time-consuming proposition. It does not have to be this way. In fact, it can be much easier and more effective than you ever imagined. Take a look at the seven ideas below. You will see that they are not difficult, they are not very time consuming and they are not expensive. The most important thing is that they are effective.

Send thank you notes

How could it be easier than this? Sending thank you notes shows professionalism. Beyond that, notes are additional opportunities for you to show your name and your company to your clients, prospects, and business partners. Like nice to meet you note cards, they can be store bought or custom designed. Also, just like with note cards, you should downplay any obvious “sales”. Remember, less is often more, and this is one of those times.

Send notes of pleasure to meet you

What do you think when you open an envelope and find that someone has taken the initiative to send you a “nice to meet you” note? If you’re like most people, your first thought may be, “It’s good that you take the time to post this.” The second may be, “That’s very professional of you.” Of course, you may even think, “I wish I had done this.”

Why do those notes make us stop to think? Because sending handwritten notes is believed to be a thing of the past. With email, voicemail, and other technological advancements, handwritten and mailed notes stand out and are appreciated. Obviously, the sender not only had the idea to send a note, but also took the time to write it, put it in an envelope, affix a stamp, and mail it. Does this really take a long time? Not really. But it’s more than most of us do, and with our chaotic lives, it’s appreciated.

Types of cards

You have a few options when it comes to note cards. One is buying store bought cards. These may have “Thank you” or “Nice to meet you” on the front. You can also choose simple cards; it’s up to you. For an even more professional look, design a custom card. This is even more impressive, especially if you minimize the business aspect of the card. Maybe it’s a simple card with your logo (not too big) on ​​the cover. Another type of note card is a custom-designed postcard. These allow you to write quick notes, apply stamps, and mail them. Personalized note cards don’t give the impression that they do, but if they help you stay consistent, they’re the perfect way to do it.

I read once (I wish I remembered where) that only five percent of us constantly write notes by hand. Be one of these five percent and you are sure to stand out from the rest and make a big impression.

Send greeting cards

Everyone loves to receive greeting cards, and sending them makes it show. Opportunities include birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, recovering just because, and holidays such as New Years, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and more. I advise skipping the most popular parties. Although it is perfectly valid to send cards at times like Christmas, yours is more likely just one of the many cards received.

Send cover letters

Most of us think of cover letters when we first start our business, and they are worth taking advantage of. But this is not the only time you should use this tactic. Tell your family, friends and others what you are doing, for whom, how it benefits your clients, and that you are actively seeking referrals.

Your letter is an excellent opportunity to build good relationships and promote your business. Make the information in your letter clear, complete, direct, and concise, allowing your readers to absorb the information quickly and effortlessly recall or refer to it.

I am often asked how a letter begins that is intended for someone with whom they have lost contact. It is easy. Be honest. Just say that you realize that it has been a while and that you would like to be in touch more often.

Send personal letters

Few of us still take the time to write and send letters. What a fantastic opportunity this is! Recipients immediately realize that you took the time to write the letter and add something personal. Sending letters that are specific to the recipient is an effective way to set yourself apart and be remembered. The personal aspect of your letters could include any of a multitude of elements: acknowledging the recipient’s promotion or other achievement, pointing out the success of the recipient’s family member, etc.

Send announcements

Are you one of those people who says, “I don’t like honking my own horn”? If so, get over it. No one else is going to play it for you. If you insist on not honking your own horn, don’t wonder why your competitors’ successes are recognized and yours are not.

Make sure to let your clients and prospects know when you have something of interest to advertise. It could be an award you received, a new hire, your new location (yes, treat this as an opportunity, not just a need), or even breaking your sales goals. To determine what you might advertise, use this little technique. Imagine you are having lunch with a business associate and ask, “You know what?” Then they respond, “What?” And he responds with the information, for example, “The local Chamber of Commerce awarded me the Entrepreneur of the Year award.” If you think this will elicit a response, like “That’s great! Tell me more,” then the ad is worth submitting.

Mail items

Too often, the only mail our customers, prospects, and business partners receive from us is sales related. It’s probably because, just as often, all we think about sending out to customers and prospects are sales-oriented materials. How unfortunate! How uncreative! How disappointing! This is a fantastic opportunity to differentiate yourself not only from your competitors, but from most other entrepreneurs as well.

As you get to know your clients, prospects, and associates, take a look at the things that matter to them, such as: he plays golf, she skis, he loves basset hounds, she dances, they own a sailboat, he goes on vacation in Maine, your daughter is By attending Penn State, they beat breast cancer or whatever else is relevant to them as entrepreneurs and as people in general.

The idea is to show them that you are thinking of them. By sending them articles that interest them, you not only show them that you are thinking about them, but you also show them that you are thinking about them at different times than when you want to make a sale. This helps build relationships, and the most profitable relationships start with showing you care.

As you can see, staying in mind doesn’t have to take an inordinate amount of time or go broke. Select the ideas that you can and will implement consistently and get started. It won’t be long before you see your sales and referrals increase dramatically.

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