Kim Kardashian frequently mentions the importance of her “job” and her “work ethic.” We all know that you don’t actually do anything that most people consider work, but you completely respect what you do and get paid well to do what you do. If she can respect your business with such confidence, how much more should you or I respect our business?

Most of us have been trained from an early age to be employees and take orders. Unfortunately, that means that when we try to act on our own as entrepreneurs, there is a temptation to relax and make excuses not to move on. I also speak to myself when I say this, but I ask that you respect your business. When you hang up the tile and say, “I’m open for business,” respect the decision you’ve made. Your business is as important as any other business. The following are some things to keep in mind when you are not respecting your home business.

Pretend you work for someone else

I’m sure you’ve had a job at some point in your life. Think about how you behaved at that job and how you approached your job. Sure, sometimes you can slack off, but there are things that you wouldn’t try to get away with at work and that you can afford to do at your home business. So if you can respect the boss’s business enough to show up for work and do your chores, apply that same ethic to your own business when working from home.

If it helps to pretend that you work for someone else and have a boss watching over you, do so. You can even have an alter-ego that you name and call your “Boss”. I wouldn’t tell people about your “Boss”, who is actually your alter-ego, because they might think you’re crazy Sybil-style.

Take responsibility

Another part of respecting your business is holding yourself accountable when you make promises to yourself and others. If you set out with a list of things to do for the day and didn’t do it, make the effort to do it or be prepared to face the consequences from your “Boss.” As entrepreneurs, we know that the real consequence of not getting things done is stagnating your business, which is worse than getting yelled at by a boss. But, as human beings, sometimes we need that extra push.

Respect your time

Time is one of the limited resources we have and we don’t even know how much we ultimately have. That means you have to respect your own time. Be on time for your appointments and be prepared. Promptness is one of those basic things clients expect from a professional.

Work the hours you said you would work. One of the benefits of having your own home business is being able to be flexible with your schedule. But with a family and responsibilities at home, it’s easy for that flexibility to get out of hand. If your family is supposed to respect your work time, it must first respect it. You can get more done when you spend an amount of time on your home business rather than just trying to fit things together throughout the day.

Respect your ability

When people find out that they are talking to the business owner, they can try to negotiate prices or even ask for gifts. You’re running a business and offering something of value, don’t let potential customers convince you of what you think you deserve, especially if they want something for free. Whether your business is doing makeup or designing advertisements, respect what you do and stand your ground when you feel you have to. A little negotiation never hurts anyone and I’m not suggesting you lose a customer by standing your ground, just don’t make it a habit of giving away things or always discounting your prices when that’s not what you intended.

In conclusion, to respect your business, you must respect yourself as a business person and as a professional. Don’t fall into the trap of being the “good boss” to yourself who lets you goof off. Being an entrepreneur, especially in a home business, requires constant self-motivation. Remember to respect their business, respect their time, and respect their ability. It all starts with you.

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