Most people experience some degree of shoulder pain from time to time. The joint enables the body to perform a wide variety of everyday tasks, from dressing to playing sports. The complexity of the multiple joints within the shoulder makes it easy to accidentally adjust a little too much, causing discomfort and pain that may or may not require serious medical attention.

The most common causes of shoulder pain include inflammation, arthritis, and bone breakage. In the case of inflammation, the problem may be due to inflammation of the tendons or bursae. The tendons within the shoulder serve to connect bone to muscle. Tendon inflammation is simply a matter of wear and tear, which occurs when tendons wear out over time.

Shoulder pain due to tendonitis can be caused by a long-term health condition, such as arthritis or aging, which is seen more often in older people. This is known as chronic tendonitis. Acute tendinitis is caused by some form of repetitive action that may be necessary in certain manual work positions or by excessive overhead actions, such as throwing a ball.

Bursae, fluid-filled sacs that cushion bones and help provide smooth movement, can also become inflamed. Bursitis occurs at the location of the shoulder between the rotator cuff and a part of the shoulder blade. As with tendonitis, bursitis is caused by repetitive overuse of the shoulder.

The most serious causes of shoulder pain include infections, tumors, and medical problems that involve the body’s nervous system. However, many times the cause of bodily pain, including shoulder pain, is related to the state of a person’s emotions, which has a direct impact on physical health. According to this idea, the emotions of the body exert an energy that can potentially cause pain or physical illness. Releasing these trapped emotions is the key to finding the cure.

The emotion code is a book written by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which confirms this concept and explores emotional solutions that will bring resolution to both mind and body. By incorporating this energy healing technique, Dr. Nelson says that people suffering from shoulder pain can learn to release their trapped emotions and consequently their physical ailments. It enables those who take the time to learn from it to reap long-term benefits that will last a lifetime.

When people cannot find pain relief through conventional methods of medication and treatment, the cause is likely to be emotional. The energy healing techniques of The emotion code they are the safest and most natural way to treat the root cause of shoulder pain. The information in this book will equip the individual with techniques to release trapped emotion and relieve shoulder pain, whether acute or chronic.

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