Vacations are important for many reasons, yet many people forget to take the time they need mentally or physically to ensure their continued health and happiness.

Working 365 days a year or close to 365 days a year (6 days a week) is not only crazy but bad for the mind and body.

The mind needs a variety of stimuli and if you spend most of your time working on your work, you minimize the functionality of the brain, that is, some parts of your brain will “fall asleep”. A variety of tasks, hobbies, and changes in your life will ensure that your brain gets the exercise it needs to keep working as it should.

After a vacation you feel refreshed and your attitude is more relaxed and receptive to what is to come. Above all, even if you don’t think you’re stressed every day, events do stress your mind and body. Holidays ensure that these tensions are released and well-being is rejuvenated.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should take a vacation and why the sun is an important part of your vacation.

1. Exercise. Whenever you take a vacation, you will find that you will move your body and exercise in different ways. If you have a job where you sit all day, it will be refreshing and regenerating. If you are in a manual job, you will find that you will move your body in a way that you do not when you work.

Exercise is not only good for the body, but also good for the mind, as different chemicals are stimulated during and after exercise. Your exercise just has to be just going for a walk, which most of us do a lot when we’re on vacation without even realizing it.

2. If you normally experience aches and pains, vacations may minimize them. Holidays generally mean a change of scenery and a change in mental focus. It also means more exercise or different exercise than you normally do.

It does not mean that the physical problems you have necessarily disappear, but it does mean that you are not mentally concentrating on them and thus allowing you to subliminally repair your body while concentrating elsewhere.

3. Get sun. Most of us will spend our vacations in places where there is sun. Even if you go skiing, you will have plenty of sun. The sun is very important for physical and mental well-being. The body needs the sun for the production of vitamin D, while mentally the sun makes us feel happy and alive. If you normally work indoors or in an office with artificial lighting, it is important to choose vacations where you get a lot of sun.

4. Sleep better. There is no doubt that many of us are sleep deprived. When you are on vacation, you have the opportunity to get more sleep or a better quality of sleep while leaving the stresses of your daily life behind. This will rejuvenate your mind and body leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

5. Spend time with the family. With Mom and Dad, family work life can be fragmented. Children may hardly ever have time with Mom and Dad at the same time. A vacation allows the whole family to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company while the batteries are recharged.

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