There are many dog ​​breeders, because all those who want to sell puppies born from their own bitch call themselves breeders. It is very important that breeders follow strict rules and regulations regarding breeding to maintain the purity of the breed and the health of the puppies. Finding the right breeder is not always easy if you don’t know where to look and more importantly what to look for.

How can you find a responsible cocker spaniel breeder?

The Internet is the first place where you should look for cocker spaniel breeders, because in this you will find most of the information you need to choose one. Certified breeders all have Internet sites and post pictures of the puppies available, including prices, or you can find breeder lists and other information on the Breeder Associations or Breeder Associations sites. In this way it is much easier to compare the offers, choose the right puppy for you and be prepared for the costs that this acquisition will entail.

Another place to look for cocker spaniel breeders is in your local newspapers, as that is where local breeders advertise. However, most vital information will not be included in the newspapers, so a phone call or visit will be necessary.

Responsible breeders do not usually place their puppies in pet stores, because they have no control over who buys the pet and they cannot follow its evolution. In a pet store, no one will ask you if you are going to take good care of the puppy you buy, if someone in your family knows what it takes to deal with the puppy and the future dog or if you really are a dog lover. .

Selection of the breeder you want to buy from

If you are buying your first pet it is difficult to be objective, but you should give it a try, as you may regret your purchase decision later on. The breeder should provide you with basic information about the pet you are buying from.

You should ask your cocker spaniel breeder about the medical history of the puppy’s parents, as there are many inherited diseases that will be passed on to the puppy through genes. Even if your pet is healthy now, it may be prone to some genetically related diseases. The breeder should also know that the bloodlines of the mother and father of the puppies should have been different.

There will also be some questions to answer for the right cocker spaniel breeder. He is interested in the good care you can give your puppy, so you should answer the questions related to your knowledge, the preparations you made, and the supplies you bought.

Warranty and Guarantee

Certified Cocker Spaniel breeders will ensure the health of the puppies they sell. They will also ensure that you are ready to accept the puppy back in case of any health problems or change of mind.

You need to be sure before deciding which breeder to buy from. You can choose from many popular breeders such as the cocker spaniel. You can have a healthy and happy pet if you buy from the right breeder.

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