Our world is high in the sky and is made up of five floating towns. Each town has its own theme, games, set of shops and areas. In each city you will also find a different set of computer generated characters that will offer challenges that may involve you traveling to other cities.

The five floating cities of our world are called The Boardwalk, The Pier, Electric Avenue, Wonderland and Soho. Each city has a similar-looking layout that encompasses a row of shops, bars, and venues related to the theme of cities, along with a sidewalk in front of the shops where players can interact with each other. Five cities might not seem like a lot, especially to players who are used to playing some of the biggest multiplayer games online, but there is more than enough in each city to keep the most hardcore players for months, if not years. The Our World team is also constantly adding new areas.

The first area you will come across when starting Our World is Electric Avenue. Electric Avenue definitely has a rock and roll feel with its rock and roll restaurant (Flo’s Diner), rack and roll pool game, and a garage where you can play a variety of musical instruments. It also has two stores, one where you can get a tattoo of your character and a clothing and furniture store called Blue Cow. My favorite thing to do on Electric Avenue is play rack and roll.

In Flo’s Diner you participate in a minigame in which you accept a job as a waiter / waitress. Your job is to serve the food to as many players as possible in a fifteen minute period of time. Other players can select various items from the available menu, and those items appear on a server shelf. Then, click on an item to serve and select any player who ordered the item. Serve enough people and you’ll gain a decent amount of flow.

In the garage you can rock out as a member of a band. You are offered a variety of musical instruments to choose from. Once you’ve selected an instrument, you can choose from multiple tracks to play. Try all the instruments and you will get a decent amount of flow. Other Our World players can play alongside you, so if you’re lucky enough to find an empty garage, you and your friends can form a band and play together. There’s even a dance floor area so if you have too many friends, they can always show off their dance moves while waiting to play.

Back to my favorite: Rack and roll, a very simple billiard game that measures the time it takes to get all the balls in. You can select from eight balls or nine balls. Once you’ve selected a game, you control a pool cue along with its power and direction. Personally, I spent a lot of time on this game, it is very easy to master and gain flow!

The tattoo shop (Skin Deep) has a great selection of tattoos to choose from. Tattoos are available for the front and back of your character’s head and your character’s left and right limbs. Tattoo designs are quite typical; I’d like to see the possibility of uploading your own design at some point! Unfortunately, all tattoos require green gems to purchase, so free players will have to dip into their pockets and buy some or subscribe to the game.

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