MotoMint is an application aimed at the automotive industry. Basically, you get car and car videos from all over the world from the internet. The app also searches for the regular updates from various car manufacturers and provides information about them to users in a shorter period of time. Collect the latest automotive news, videos, new and old car reviews and much more from the Burynet and presents them directly to the device for the user to read. You can download this application from the Google Stores Link. It is available in both iOS8 and Android versions. At present, the iOS8 The version has more added functions.

Characteristics of MotoMint

It has a novel way of connecting with the latest trends in the automotive industry around the world. You stay connected to the Internet to select videos that introduce new cars and new technologies. Car enthusiasts just need to download this app and install it on their devices to get the recent updates on the happenings in the car world. It sets itself apart from other automotive applications available on the market by providing everything the automotive industry has to offer. In short, you get the latest car videos, car entertainment shows, first-hand overview videos about new cars for sale. With a simple click, it brings up high-quality car videos from all over the world.

Nature of selected videos

This app searches only the highest ranked videos from all over the world web. To do this, it uses a new concept called healing. The integrated algorithm selects the videos based on the classification granted by international organizations. Normally, these international rankings depend on the content and the number of visits to adjudicate the quality of the video. While displaying the healing videos, the app organizes them in different tabs. The tabs dedicate the information to a particular make of car so that viewers are not confused. Also, the dedicated page on each tab describes only the selected brands. The application also allows customers to view YouTube channel on engines directly. By working in this way, the MotoMint The application allows the user to obtain detailed information on various updates on events that occur in the automotive world through high-quality videos and maximum visits. The application stores the downloaded videos and saves them in different folders. This allows users to watch these videos later in offline mode.

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