Keeping a weight loss journal can double your weight loss, studies show. Studies now also support the idea that old-fashioned calorie counting works best for weight loss. Put these two weight loss tips into practice with Brad Peterson’s The 60 Day Food and Fitness Program & Journal, one of the most comprehensive weight loss magazines available.

Why keep a weight loss journal

Often people believe that they are eating much less than they actually eat. They don’t pay

they pay attention to portion sizes and often estimate that they are consuming far fewer calories than they are actually consuming. We fool ourselves by saying that little handful of fries or that cookie doesn’t really count.

Keeping a weight loss journal allows you to keep track of all the calories you actually consume during the day and stop making estimates.

You may even see some interesting patterns, like empty calories wasted on snacks or eating too much after dinner and before bed. You will see many ways to save calories by keeping a journal.

What You’ll Find in the Journal and the 60-Day Eating and Fitness Program

The 60-Day Food and Fitness Diary and Program focuses on keeping track of not just the food you eat, but also the exercise you do to burn those calories and reduce those inches. Great information related to goal setting and how to achieve them is provided on the front and back covers of the book, with a page to write your own goals. There are also charts on how many calories you burn with different activities and nutritional information on various foods, with a section just on fast food. There are also several pages of healthy recipes and a place to write your own favorites.

The 60-Day Eating and Fitness Program gives you a page to list all the foods you eat on a given day and helps you keep track of calories, fat, and the time of day you ate. The opposite page is where you list your physical activities, duration, and calories burned. There is also a comment section to write notes and check boxes for each glass of water you drink. (There’s a great article in the book on why drinking water is important to a weight loss program too!)

Once a week, there is a weight page where you keep track of your weight loss and set your goals for the following week. You can also track your reduction measures. Other charts at the front of the book help you set up a fitness program and also keep track of your progress.

To lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories. No matter what diet or weight loss plan you follow, this fact will not change. You can cut 3,500 calories from your diet, maybe 500 calories a day, or you can do a combination of cutting calories and increasing exercise to burn those calories and lose weight. A weight loss journal can be a great tool to achieve your goal.

Overall, I believe that the 60 Day Eating and Fitness Diary and Program is a wonderful and comprehensive tool that helps you set not only your weight loss goals, but your fitness goals as well, and achieve both.

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