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May 03, 2018  · Loan Factory used to be known as Hi-Mark Reality & Mortgage. They also have the trade name Mega Loans. Loan Factory has almost 90 active loans and more than 4,800 successfully closed loans. They are one of the top producers for refinance volume.

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Loan Factory has the technology and shops over 30 lenders to bring you low rates. Check out our website . 30 seconds can save you thousands of dollars!

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Oct 19, 2021  · Loan Factory has grown from one broker business to over 20 full-time processors with 3 branches. Meet the Business Owner Thuan N. Business Owner Thuan Nguyen has a Master Degree from University of California at Berkeley. He has grown Loan Factory to 6 branches and licensed in 4 states: Texas, California, Washington, and Minnesota.

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