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PPP Loan Recipient List By State — South Carolina

This table shows the top 5 industries in South Carolina by number of loans awarded, with average loan amounts and number of jobs reported. The tool below can be used to search all publicly released PPP recipients in SC. Filter the list or search for specific companies.

CDFI List By State (900+ Addresses) |

May 10, 2021  · South Carolina Community Loan Fund: 1064 Gardner St., Ste 302 Charleston, SC 29407: Columbia: Business Carolina, Inc. 4163 Sinclair St, Denver, NC 28037: Columbia: Business Development Corp of SC: 111 Executive Center Drive Enoree Building, Suite 225 Columbia, SC 29210: Columbia: Midlands Housing Trust Fund

8 Best Mortgage Refinance Companies Of December 2021 ...

Best Overall Rocket Mortgage Our Partner. Minimum Credit Score: . 620 (580 for FHA loan) Refi Loan Types: . Adjustable-rate Mortgage, 15- and 30-year Mortgage, FHA, VA and USDA Loans

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Contact. For questions regarding: status of an individual case, please contact the Appellate Courts Records Section at 503.986.5555; for accounting issues, please email Publications Accounting at [email protected] or call 503.986.5656; web content or other questions, please contact Publications Help.

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