Few have heard of the Savannah cat and many have not had the privilege (as they see it) of being owned by one.

But whether you’re looking for a new pet or researching the breed or if this is the first time you’ve heard of the Savannah cat, here are some facts to know about the breed, whether you’re just looking for information or serious. about getting one. They are fun to read about and even more fun to live with.

Savannah cats take 3 full years to reach full growth. The first two years are usually when your body grows, while the third is when you build muscle. Although there have been cases in which they grow up to 4 years.

You can never fully tell the size, but from f1-f3 you can expect them to reach at least twice the size of a normal house cat. Most come in at around 25 pounds. Although there are many cats that grow that long, Savannah cats are rarely or never overweight. All his weight is muscle and body, without excess intestine on them.

They also seem to weigh more than they actually do, as when walking they can appear quite large. They’re kind of like a slinky, they can easily fit in places you never thought they could because of their size, and then they can stretch from the floor to the top of the kitchen counter with ease.

So why do they rarely have guts like many house cats? While let’s say you better get out of the way when you see one come around the corner. If you even have time. The amount of energy they have is equal to that of the most hyperactive dog. They run, they go up, they go down, they get on everything they can and then they do it 4 times more just for the sake of it.

Also, the amount of noise they can make is incredible. That doesn’t mean they are too loud, although they may very well be, it just means that they make a lot more noises than your typical meow. One night, you might wake up and think that a bird has crawled into your room, while your Savannah cat sits chirping.

Try to get your Savannah cat to do something he doesn’t want to do and you will hear so many different meows that people will think you are killing your cat or have 10 different cats in your house.

Now jumping is a completely different matter. If you think you’ve ever seen a cat jump, you haven’t seen anything yet. Say that the average height of a person is what? 5’8 “or so? Whereas a grown Savannah, heck, even a one-year-old can stand at your feet and in seconds jump over your head. No running or anything.

They are also cautious about new things. So let’s say you buy something new and come home, sitting it in the middle of the floor. Eventually, your Savannah cat will come up and smell you, stretching her neck as far as she can, keeping the rest of her body as far away as possible. So let’s say you give the item a shake, your Savannah cat will jump back a good 4 feet in the air. Quite fun to watch.

They have huge hind legs, you would think you just had a rabbit. His ears are also quite large. Like their teeth, which are not the largest when they are kittens because they generally do not have any bite inhibition.

You give them a piece of food and they may accidentally bite your finger, their teeth are so sharp that it will not cost them much to draw blood, so you have to correct them every time they try to bite, in positive behavior. Because they learn fast and if they learn that going easy gives them more food, they will. It’s basically the same as a dog, eventually if they do bite it’s just a little naw and it doesn’t hurt. But you must teach them good bite inhibition.

Another thing to remember is to keep your nails trimmed, because they don’t look where the hell they are going. So when they embark on one of their rampages throughout your house, you may be on the couch, they can jump up and land on you, scratching you in the process. How they tend to keep their claws out when they run and jump like crazy.

One thing that is highly recommended is having another pet. Savannah gets along very well with cats and, in many cases, even better with dogs. Have another pet for your Savannah to burn off energy. But be careful, as they easily adopt new pets at a younger age, but when they get older, they are less likely to do so. Mine lives with another cat and gets along very well with her, but show her another cat and act like she wants to kill him. Show him a dog and after the typical response he wants to play.

That just goes to show that many prefer to play with dogs, as they are very dog-like. You can walk with them on a leash, although be very careful because they could chew on them in a minute. They love water, if you leave the tap running in the sink, they will get under and take a bath. Some even like to get in the shower with their owner.

They can play fetch and do many other dog-like qualities with ease. But when it comes to toys, everything in your home is fair game. Whether it’s their priceless antiques or a cardboard box, if they can find a way to play with them, they will. You also have to watch the little things, as they will put anything in your mouth.

They are also very smart and discover ways to get you to do what they want you to do. If they want you to be awake, they will find a way to do it. Mine decides to pull up the curtains, then I nailed them to the wall and that didn’t work, so I decided to grab the end of the plug and pull it off the wall for my clock, fan, etc. Again, if they want you to do something, you better do it.

Food wise they are good with high quality cat food, lower tier things give them free rein, but as long as you keep them with high quality food they are fine. They also love meat, almost any type of meat. You bring your supplies home and leave the bags on the floor, if you’re not careful the meat you just bought will go down the aisle. They don’t care if it’s frozen or not. Even if you never let them eat raw meat, since it is supposedly not good for them. But always wait for a friend at dinner if he has some kind of meat on his plate.

They’ll even head butt you whenever they want your attention, plus nothing seems to hurt that thick skull when they bump into everything and just shake it off and carry on.

They are usually only nice to people who live with them, they quickly warm up to people around for days on end. But if that person came back a month later, forget it, he’d have to start over to win Savannah’s approval. All they really do is go dumb and run away from the person. But if a person shows fear, he loves it. Your Savannah will sit there and show her teeth, make other noises, and purr all the time, loving being superior to a human.

All Savannahs have wild instincts too, as they have DNA from a wild cat, Serval. Therefore, they are difficult to catch, unlike many cats, they do not only look to the left, to the right, etc. They look everywhere constantly, up, down, behind, always knowing what is going on around them, so they don’t get caught.

It is also generally not a cat that likes to be held or cuddled. Although they enjoy it, but only when they want it, not when you do.

It’s also a good bet to get one of those giant litter boxes from Petsmart or wherever you can find one. As they get quite large and you want them to be comfortable to prevent them from going to the bathroom elsewhere. But they are very clean, they hate being dirty, so they throw sand just as easily as any other cat.

They can also open cabinets, refrigerators and even doors with levers, some even learn to operate a doorknob. As they have more strength in their paws than most cats. So that’s something to watch out for.

Overall, Savannah cats are wonderful pets to live in, they will learn tricks quickly, teach dirty tricks to your other pets, play all day, and be everywhere in your house, no place is off-limits for them because if they want to get there. they will do it.

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