Try to get a flight that leaves around 3:30 pm. This will allow you to leave your hotel / spa early in the morning on your last day, to avoid spending the night in San José and still have plenty of time at the airport.

You will leave the South Coast of Costa Rica and take the new Costa route, as it is faster and takes you to the airport (Juan Santamaría) without having to go through San José.

There are no published instructions for the procedures required to register. When you enter the airport, turn right and line up to pay your departure tax or “Departure Tax”. This can be paid with a Visa Credit Card, Colones or American Dollars. The rate is $ 26 per person. You will be given a receipt and will need to present this receipt at the airline counter, so please keep it. Once you’ve paid, get in line for your airline. You will be given a customs declaration that you will need to complete before you can register. Present your luggage to the customs agent and many times it will be opened and checked. Bring your luggage (if not carry-on) to the check-in counter, present your ticket, passport, and receipt for the departure fee to the airline ticket agent. You will receive a stamped boarding pass and must now go through security. Your documents will be reviewed again. Here you and your carry-on items will be scanned.

This whole process can take between half an hour or two hours. It all depends on the airlines, the time of day and the number of people at the airport. Once you have passed the security check, you will walk to the exit gate and pass several very nice souvenir shops. Here you can buy almost everything that is made in Costa Rica, including bags of coffee to take home as a gift. There is also a new food court between the different gates. Hopefully, you will have time to shop, eat, and relax while you wait for your plane to depart.

When it is time to board the plane, you will show your passport and boarding pass and your hand luggage will be checked once more. The reason for this is that domestic flight passengers can enter international boarding areas. It is recommended that it be given between 2 and 3 hours.

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