Bad results hold an organization back. Organizational mediocrity will reign if poor workers are allowed to do nothing or create disharmony and get away with it. Most companies trust a few key players in the right places to get the job done. Imagine what your organization could accomplish with a simple combined change in employee type.

The three types of employees.

1. A Players: These are the change agents who step in, provide leadership, have a high degree of responsibility and take ownership. (Typically 5-10% of an organization.) These are your resources for people when you need to get things done.

2. B Players – Most of the workforce at around 70%. In times of stress or organizational change, they are the “fence keepers” because they are sitting around trying to figure out whether the organization will lean toward excellence or mediocrity. They will “come off the fence” and take over if management supports Players A. They are often full of ideas and will contribute them to the organization, but only if it is safe to do so.

3. C Players – Typically 10-20% of any organization. They are often referred to as “Stonewallers” because they are a stone wall. They are only interested in receiving a paycheck and doing as little work as possible. The problem with this group is that if they are allowed to get by with poor performance, the B players will see that management approve of their behavior and will begin to imitate them. The sooner you identify your “Stonewallers” and remove them from your organization, the sooner the B players will align themselves with the initiatives of the Agents of Change.

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