The intimacies of home bathroom activities require more attention to facilities and layout. Remember the early morning rush, the kids bathing, and the relaxed after-work sessions in the tub. The family needs to feel good there. A facelift or upgrade may be required to create a pleasant aura, complete with all the action that is needed. Take a look at some of the trends to come in 2018.

Some tips on ornate brass accessories

Brass and gold belong to the 1980s, but are preferred today. You may remember those days three decades ago and more. The truth is that tastes and fashions must return cyclically. Brass fittings may not be as bold now as they used to be, perhaps a bit muted. Brass creates that elegant effect to create a great atmosphere. Brass goes well with wood countertops. The black and white tiles would provide a striking and fun contrast.

Tiles designed like fish scales

They are also called mermaid tile designs and they are becoming popular now. This handy pattern fits well anywhere you want to install it, but it looks very attractive in bathrooms. You would love that quirky effect like an attractive accent wall or shower frame. Among various attractive shades, the aqua tint would recall the ocean theme.

Circular mirrors
That expansive space promoted by large mirrors would be made more dramatic with round vanity mirrors. The bathroom certainly takes on a contemporary feel with such an easy installation, the bigger the better.

Live plants around is a trend.

The trendy live plants around the shower started in 2017 and continue into 2018. Use your imagination, spruce up and refresh the area with some live green plants and no fake flowers! You certainly won’t forget to water them. Certain plants purify the environment and choose and position them wisely.

Consider a unicolor configuration

The monochrome look has timeless appeal and is catching on in 2018. Black and white can appear in various shades. Vintage or modern, place the black and white accordingly. Black and white can be luxurious as well as industrial, and it can be as stylish as you like. Don’t forget the atmosphere created by the round mirror, the brass fittings, and perhaps a crystal chandelier.

Manage space carefully and avoid making the bathroom too crowded. Installing mirrors and cabinets on the wall would help manage space in congested bathrooms.

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