Answer: HELL YES!

And YES … believe it or not, even nice girls and guys like you (who aren’t even desperate) do it too!

And yes, it’s true … online dating sites are full of perverts, sexual predators, weirdos, social misfits, and emotional disasters … and that will probably never, NEVER change. Psychopaths and crazy bitches are everywhere … and they will never, never (like drool on a Boxer puppy’s lip) go away.

Let’s be completely real.

Whether you meet someone at the grocery store, at a coffee shop, or at a birthday party, the social scene (no matter how you look at it) is full of beautiful shiny gems and dirty, stinky rocks.

Like LA trafficking, flaky women, sexually minded men, ugly sun spots, and saggy boobs … they’re here to stay as friends. So shut up, stop whining and get a damn life!

We are gathered here today to accept the fact that no option for our love life is perfect. Once we accept that, then in turn we will learn (in beautiful harmony) how to tiptoe around BS mines to really GET a love life … (just pretend you’re kissing some ass at work to save your job or to get a promotion … you just have to do it, right?). Get the image now?

Do it or you get fired. Your choice.

Online dating is now a mainstream and the social stigma it once suffered has greatly dissipated. Nice people like you are already doing it and getting what you really deserve at half the cost and half the effort!

For the price of one night on the town, you can enjoy a whole month of meeting people from the comfort of your home. Create the right and most attractive profile for the kind of kissing partner you want and you will be presented with quality candidates! It sure beats getting dressed up and hanging out in a smoky bar!

Here’s the biggest problem …

90% of the online profiles that I see (and carefully repair) are a complete and boring joke.

It’s no wonder you’re attracting tattooed drunk and psycho bitches. Caramba!

Here is the solution …

First … ask yourself, “How important is it that you find a quality relationship this year?”

Second question: “What can I do that is different this year that I haven’t considered before?”

If the answer is VERY IMPORTANT and ANYONE, then it is time to “design” your perfect, individual brand, your special ad campaign, your engaging and loving resume, and your perfect interview strategy to achieve such an important result. In other words, pretend you’re looking for that special dream job that everyone else wants too … then LEARN the secret strategies and exclusive apps to get the job. Understand?

Once you’ve educated yourself on how to do this all-important step, THEN you’ll have a chance for real, warm, relaxing, exciting, hair-pulling, nibble-on romantic opportunities in 2011.

Until we meet ..

Mark Aguirre
Confidence specialist

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