Brief about insulation covers
Insulation covers or blankets help maintain process temperature, protect machine components from environmental stress, and provide the highest level of insulation, ensuring long product life. They not only protect the product, but also the personnel working on the machines. Insulation covers reduce undue stress on machinery and offer greater energy efficiency. These blankets also aid in effective process control by controlling process temperatures, material flow, ingredient levels in the process, etc. Overall, they help make the process profitable.

An insulation cover can be tightly fitted or removed. Even the fitted covers are removable and replaceable. They ensure complete coverage and are very durable. Custom insulation blankets can be designed by studying the installation, evaluating the process parameters, and making sure they increase efficiency.

Shielded Separable Connector Overview

Functional parameters
Connectors are an electromechanical device for joining and making electrical terminations touch-proof. They consist of a male component viz. Sockets and the female component viz. Jacks. Separable shielded connectors are made of EPDM silicone rubber. They connect cables to change gears, transformers and other equipment. These connectors are protected by an outer touch-proof screen that makes them completely insulated and submersible. The fully shielded connection makes coupling with type A and C bushings possible. Its design is compact, the finish is smooth, the current capacity is high in the order of 250A, 630A to 1250A, and the performance is effective. Its voltage ratings are 11KV, 15KV, 24KV, etc. By using these connectors, both ends of the cable are sometimes terminated with identical connectors or sometimes terminated differently.

Separable shielded connectors are easy, safe and quick to install due to their optimized design and material selection. They adapt to the smallest installation spaces and even when the clearances for operation are insufficient.

The connectors are a physical interface and must be of a suitable size, offer good resistance, provide adequate insulation, show robustness, must be resistant to water, pressure and other factors. Its reliability, durability and ease of installation determine the area of ​​use.

These connectors find use in a wide range of industries such as electrical substations, underground distribution, transportation, mining, oil and gas, railways, etc.

Separable shielded connectors make terminations touch-proof and insulation covers provide maximum electrical safety. The installation, operation and performance qualification of these accessories must be well documented to ensure regulatory compliance. On-site training and documentation is also a requirement for safety compliance.

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