Business blogs are very powerful marketing tools. A well-written blog can generate interest in your brand and products / services, develop your professional credibility, attract new clients, and keep your existing clients engaged. So how do you write an engaging blog?

5 tips for creating content that tempts your customers

Here are five tips to help you write posts that engage your audience and help you promote your business:


Write on topics that match your business goals with your reader’s interests. The content must be relevant and important to your readers. You must answer their questions and provide them with information that will help them make purchasing decisions. You should also display your products or services. If either is lost, it is a waste of time for both you and your customers.

Be trustworthy.

Every sale begins with a relationship. And relationships are built on trust. Business blogs are effective in attracting and promoting only when the writer is credible. Be honest with your readers. If you make a mistake, admit it, promise to fix it, and keep your readers posted on your next steps. If a particular product or service fits only one niche, (it has no value to all of your customers) be upfront about it. This establishes your personal credibility and makes your blog worth your audience’s time and attention. If it doesn’t seem credible, you will lose your power to persuade and sell.

Be authentic.

Readers like a unique point of view, written in an original style. To keep your readers interested, write what you really think and feel, in your own words. If your blog posts are a series of news sources, links, advertisements, or promotions, you will quickly lose your readers.

Be predictable.

Not only how to blog, you also need to know when to write and post a new post. Keep a regular schedule, with new posts at least two to three times a week. Your readers should be able to predict when your next post will be. A regular posting schedule, backed by intriguing content, increases anticipation and engagement from your audience.

Be sharp.

According to a study led by Microsoft in 2015, the average human attention span is just eight seconds and has been declining year after year. His work as a writer becomes more difficult with each passing year. Your audience is now checking the stock market, texting your family, dispensing a treat on your connected dog app, maybe even taking a selfie, all while reading your blog.

So how do you keep their attention? Keep your posts short, simple, and to the point. Your post is most effective if a typical reader can read it and grasp the highlights in less than a minute. Help them absorb the key points through bullet points, listing and mentioning interesting ideas.

As you can see, blogging is a skill. Many small business owners choose to outsource blog writing. You can hire a professional writer for a moderate fee to create and maintain attractive business blogs that sell. It is one of the most profitable investments you can make.

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