Video marketing is a natural tool for growing your fitness business. Most trainers enjoy showing the exercise or talking about it much more than conducting a sales consultation. If you want to get more paying fitness customers, you want a video. In any advertising or marketing effort, the images stand out before the copy. If your awesome headline grabs someone’s attention first, your image will be a close second. Place a video next to a still photo and the video wins.

In a world of instant gratification, if you can give a potential customer a share of what they will get when they become a customer, you will outperform your competition, as long as you get it right. As a fitness marketing coach, the mistakes I see using videos are common. The focus of this article is to take video, do it Right.

Mistake # 1. Not doing it at all.

If you are not doing video marketing. Start. You are going to make mistakes, but you can start to develop the habit and systems to record videos and post them regularly. From then on, you can start to focus on getting better results. Any less than desirable attempt can still be saved.

Mistake # 2. Starting without a goal.

When you think about writing a large check for a radio or print ad, think carefully about what you want the ad to do and what action you want the prospect to take once it has been exposed. Your free video marketing strategy shouldn’t be the difference. After watching, do you want the customer to sign up for a bootcamp, a companion session, and how should they contact you? Should they call you, click on your hot link, or what action do you want them to take?

Mistake # 3. Turning on the camera without a dash.

To make a video that is conversational and friendly, informal and compelling, you need to know exactly what you are going to say. That starts at the drawing board. If you’ve resolved the second bug and have a goal, then your script should lead the customer to want to do just that. That will not happen by accident. Just like making a sale, there are steps you need to take before asking a customer who doesn’t know you until you first observe them to act. What happens in a sale? You discover the problem, right? So in your video, you will talk about the problem first, before providing a solution. You must give them something of value before ordering or in exchange for what they have asked for. Give them the tip they can use right now. Offer the “free gift” by entering your email or calling.

Mistake # 4. Thinking in one dimension.

If you’re just thinking about slapping a video so you can pat yourself on the back for making a video without thinking about what’s going to happen next, you’re wasting your time. If you don’t have an annotation on your video that provides a live link for them to access your homepage or signup page, the video won’t get the conversion. If you don’t include a phone number with a live person answering and replying, you will put another hurdle between I’m interested and I want to pay you.

Mistake # 5. Using a video version for each screen.

If you are talking to people who are not yet involved in your club or programs, you need to build a relationship with them. If you are talking to people who are already members but not with personal training, they need another message. If you’re talking to past or current personal training clients about what’s next or the update, that’s a different conversation. What you put on your Facebook page for personal training clients should have a different purpose than the video you put on YouTube to attract people who are doing a Google search for fitness options.

Mistake # 6. Creating a pathetic title that will never be seen.

Your goal is to appear as the number one video in the search for your topic. Consider how many times you click on a video, article, or blog that is on the second page of search results. Even if you’re seventh or eighth on the list, the chance of someone clicking on you is so small that it’s not worth your time. Get help with writing texts so you can find it. Study the highest ranking videos and take notes. Find a fitness marketing expert. Do not miss this step or the previous ones, it does not matter.

You can bring your marketing to life with a well-done video.

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