Talking to spirits is not as complicated as it is often described in the media. “Hello, is there anyone here?” it’s just not necessary and you’re not likely to hear, “It’s Wilma.” Spirits love to talk, but it is not the same as talking to your sister.

A pendulum is a great way to talk to spirits. If you’ve never used a pendulum before, it may take a little practice and patience. Once you get the hang of it, you will have great conversations with the spirits.

To use a pendulum, you don’t need elaborate ritual, burning candles, or mystical music. While all of those things are very nice, all you need is a pendulum. If you need to talk and don’t want anyone at work to know, just use a paper clip on the end of a piece of string. No one will recognize you if you are just bored or thinking deeply about your work project.

The more you analyze the term to use a pendulum, the easier it will be to communicate and you will understand the information more accurately. Each spirit has its own way of communicating, just like people, so you may need to understand Old English forms, phrases from another country, or even slang terms. If you don’t understand, that could be the problem. If you don’t understand, ask for clarification.

Each pendulum also has its own particular swing patterns. A counterclockwise circle can mean no, while side to side can mean yes. The only way to determine how your pendulum swings is by asking, “Please show me a negative answer. Please show me an affirmative answer.”

While laborious, you can ask your pendulum for each letter of a message. It takes less time to make an alphabetical table. To make a graph, draw a circle on a sheet of paper and divide it into 26 sections. Label each one as a letter of the alphabet. Make another circle inside the original circle, about half the diameter. To make it even faster, divide that circle into 9 sections. Label those sections A, E, I, O, U, Y, Yes, No, and Maybe. Another circle could be for the consonant combination, such as SH, PF, CH, etc. If you want, add enough sections for answers like: Today, Tomorrow, or even numbers. Just set up the chart in a way that is useful to YOU.

Don’t expect everything to be perfectly explained to you. Some Spirits pronounce words like we do with text messages or they are simply misspelled. Instead of your could read your. Instead of photographer, the pendulum could spell 4do-grafr. Be patient and explore all options when interpreting. Don’t forget, it may be in another language. Instead of Shoes, could read Zapata.

If you find that you are getting silly, threatening, or just plain wild responses. You may have channeled a Spirit who is unwilling to help. Kick that Spirit to the curb, saying, “You are not acting in my highest good. You are banished.” Ask for a Spirit who wants to work for your highest good and start over.

The hardest part of dowsing is asking clear questions. Take your time and work on your questions as much as you practice with your pendulum. Asking, “Will I ever get promoted?” It won’t be as clear an answer as “Will I be rewarded with a promotion at my current job within 6 months?”

A pendulum does not become a divine device just because the spirits are willing to talk to you. Pendulums are tools that allow you to speak to spirits in the same way that the telephone allows you to speak to the repair shop. He deserved to be cared for and respected, but keep everything in perspective as well.

Keep practicing and asking questions. In no time, you will be a highly accurate spiritual communicator.

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