If your little daughter is getting ready for a major costume event this Halloween, she needs to start thinking of a pretty costume that she can wear. Many times, if you have the patience and some basic sewing skills, you will be able to create a much more attractive dress than the ones that are already made. Start designing a fairy princess costume for your little princess, which will definitely make a good impression at any party, not just the Halloween costume event.

First, you will need a shiny silver three-quarter length dress. It should be a simple, sleeveless dress that is comfortable for your daughter. You can choose a silver satin dress, for example, because satin is a non-irritating fabric and is very comfortable to wear. This dress will become the centerpiece of your fairy princess costume. Next, you will need three sheets of organza in different colors. Choose from pastel colors, for example: light turquoise, light blue, soft peach, pink, mimosa yellow, teal, jade and all the other wonderful colors of the rainbow, in pale tones.

Using the three different colored organza sheets, you will create three wider layers for the dress. Start by adding the first layer under the chest of the silver dress. Make sure to create slightly curly layers and continue adding until the entire dress is covered. Organza is a beautiful sheer fabric, so easy to work with, so you won’t have a hard time creating this splendid fairy princess costume. If the silver dress is too long, and three layers of organza are not enough, you can add one or two more layers, but always in a different color.

You will soon realize the wonderful fusion of colors you have created, and the stunning fairy princess costume that has come to life. Before sewing the layers to the dress, it is best if you pin them and make any necessary adjustments. Only when you are completely satisfied with the layers can you sew them onto the dress. You can use beads in the same colors as the fabrics you used for the capes to make some pretty decorations. Pastel organza works wonderfully well with pearlized beads, so you can indulge yourself in creating something magical for your little daughter. You can buy her a ready-made fairy crown and a pair of transparent fairy wings. Now she is ready to enchant everyone with her wonderful fairy look!

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