Kanye West Graduation

The elusive Kanye West has returned to the forefront of music as a solo artist/writer with his latest album, “Runway Series.” His old school rap music infused with rap beat samples and a wide variety of guest appearances has many listeners wondering just how many songs are in this new album. The only way to really figure out how many songs are in this Kanye West Graduation is to get some real answers from the man himself. Well, lucky for you, I am here to give you the scoop!

kanye west graduation

Before we get started on the count of songs in this album, I want to touch base on the subject of accuracy. While most of the sites that post information on the number of songs actually have information correct, some sites are not so accurate. They have the tendency to put the most popular songs at the top and then leave the other songs off the list because they do not make the cut. You should always double check a source to make sure you are getting the most current information.

In my experience, the official Kanye West music video on YouTube does not count these songs in the song list. Only the songs that have been released in the past two months are listed here. The reason why this information is not shown on the video is because the video is still in the process of being reviewed by the Kanye West camp. It is my assumption that once the official video is released, all songs will be on the album so you will know exactly how many to expect on the Kanye West Graduation track list.

How Many Songs Are in Kanye West Graduation?

If you are looking for a song that will likely be on the Kanye West Graduation song list, “Love Yourself” could be the song for you. This song has managed to stay steady in the Top 100 for the past several weeks. On the other hand, if you have not been following the music scene closely, you might be unaware that Chance the Rapper has a song on his song list called “Eli Young Forever”. This track was previously titled ” Regeneration” but has since been changed.

In my estimation, the official Kanye West song list has about fifty-six songs listed on it. These songs span over a number of different genres including R&B, rock, pop, and soul. It would seem as though Chance the Rapper is making the rounds of radio stations trying to make his song “Love Yourself” the next big thing. The only way that I can put this rumor to rest is to say that this is simply a marketing campaign for West to promote his own music.

How many songs are in Kanye West Graduation? If you want to know the answer to that question, you are going to have to go online and do some searching. There are a number of different websites that will help you search through the song list by category and even allow you to listen to samples of songs. Kanye West is certainly an artist to follow and one who has already conquered the music industry, but what will happen next is anyone’s guess.

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