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De Troy Lecithin soap has a unique formula that works to gently cleanse and soften your skin in order to provide maximum results when washing. This is achieved with the help of an ingredient called Dermestylate Sodium, which is De Troy’s proprietary formulation of all natural ingredients specifically selected to suit your skin type. As well as providing a gentle cleansing treatment, Detritol soap also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soft leaving it looking younger and feeling softer to the touch. It also leaves your skin feeling more supple.

It was believed that Cleopatra would only use Roman Cleanser to wash her skin because she was a woman who washed her face often, therefore making her skin softer. However, as research has progressed, we know now that women have been using natural skin care products for hundreds of years. The Romans however were the first to make skin care a major part of their lifestyle, apart from bathing and cleaning of course.

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Dettol originally became known as “Dieter’s Diet” after the writer Dr Arnold van de Ruit died in 1786. It was based on the German word DeTyl. He had developed a natural cleanser that were highly recommended by one of the most influential surgeons of his time. It is generally attributed to his expertise of internal disorders affecting the skin, particularly boils, cold sores, skin eruptions and pimples etc. It was also said that he may have been the first person to use lemon juice in treating acne.

How Effective Is Dettol Soap?

Dettol Soap was developed after many years of testing on animals, before it was finally released onto the market to provide consumers with a healthier alternative to regular soap. The manufacturing process does not involve any chemicals and is gentle to your skin, with no harsh synthetic ingredients such as SLS. So why should you choose Dettol soap over other skin care products? The main reason is that it offers all round health benefits. As well as using a gentle cleansing action, it also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and soothes redness caused by allergies, sun damage and stress.

As well as these benefits being experienced directly by the user, the health benefits of this product will be felt by your loved ones too. As it is all natural, Dettyl Soap is unlikely to cause any adverse reactions. It is also non-comedogenic, meaning that it does not clog pores. This means that it will make your skin look healthy and young. With continued use of Dettol Soap, it will help to improve the condition of your skin by helping to unclog pores and prevent blackheads from forming.

If you are concerned about your skin or your friends and family noticing that you have an appearance that is different to normal, it may be time to take control of your skin care. There are a wide range of solutions available for all skin types, including natural and organic products. Dettol Soap is a completely natural alternative to more traditional skin care products. For best results, use a mild cleansing agent that is mild on the skin, with a concentration of natural ingredients. You are sure to enjoy the benefits of having healthy looking skin.

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