How can we recognize our soul mate or know that it is someone with whom we have been connected before, in a past life? Now, we have many different kindred souls, of many different kinds. They are not just romantic partners, they also appear as children, friends, parents, coworkers, and other loved ones. These are people we have met before, in a past life. So what qualities do these people have? And how will we recognize them?

The first way you can tell if someone is a soul mate or someone you have been connected to before, in a past life, is that when you meet them, they seem familiar to you. I hear people say, “I felt like I knew them somehow,” or have even asked them if they had met before somewhere. But there is something that is familiar to you, and that could be on an energetic level. Or maybe you’ve seen them before in a dream. I often hear of soul mates who have reported seeing each other in a dream years before meeting. So they seem familiar somehow.

Another way to recognize someone who could be a soulmate is through the eyes. They say that the eyes are the “windows to the soul” and when you look into someone’s eyes and not only do you feel familiar, but you are really attracted to that person, it can mean that they are a soulmate. I’ve heard stories from people describing a time, maybe even after dating for several months, where they noticed the other person’s eyes and what was behind them and knew they were a soulmate. Then the eyes will reflect that “soul energy” within a person, which is how we recognize our soul mate. They may look different than they did in a past life, but their energy and soul remain the same. And so by looking into their eyes, you can tap into that soul energy in a person and recognize a soul mate.

Another way that you can find that soul energy within another person that might resonate with you upon meeting a soulmate again is in the sound of your voice. There may be something familiar in your voice. I don’t know how it works, but the eyes and voice seem to carry that inner self or soul resonance. Maybe it has something to do with not being visual, but relying on our other senses. But there is something about the voice, I have heard people say that they heard someone speak across a room full of people and they only had to find the speaker because the voice resonated with them so much. So the voice is another way to recognize a soulmate.

A fourth way is that they have things in common with you that go beyond the usual amount of random things someone might have in common. I have also heard that soulmates are described before meeting as appearing to have lived almost parallel lives. That they had almost met many, many times before meeting. For example, I have heard of soulmates who have lived in the same place, only at different times. Or they worked in the same office building but didn’t know it. Then there will be a trail of breadcrumbs that will lead you to your soulmate, particularly an intense one. One of mine, who is not a romantic couple but is one of my best friends, was born in a town that is only a few miles from where I went to high school, so we both lived there alone at different times in our country . lives. That is very common. Although you may have hobbies and similar things in common, in general, soulmates tend to have similar life purposes, particularly intense soulmate connections, such as romantic partners. They may have certain causes that they are attracted to or believe in, or they have professions that overlap or are complementary in some way. So if you have an unusual amount of things in common with someone and have a conversation that can feel like ping pong while swapping life stories, then that could be a sign that you have a past life story with that person from before.

So the gift in this life for us is that we have many, many soulmates around us at all times. They are people who are even called our “soul family”, which means that we travel through lives with the same group of them. And knowing them is a gift. And it happens all the time. So, people who go so far as to say that they are waiting to meet their soul mate or meet “the only one”, I urge you to look around you and realize all those around you, in your life already. So the various ways that we can recognize them give us the opportunity to appreciate them.

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