When you think about buying or selling a home, a home inspection is typical. A home inspection is a tour of your home to examine the condition of the property. This helps identify issues that could become significant during the transfer of home ownership. A professional inspector will usually do this. But before you hire a professional home inspector, you can inspect your own home using a home inspection checklist. This way, you can spot potential problems that you can discuss with the inspector later.

A good home inspection checklist will help you remember things as you tour your property and look for potential problems. You should include all the items inside and outside your home on your list, and as you walk, go through each item and take some notes. You can check the exterior, basement or crawl space, heating and air conditioning, plumbing system, electrical system, kitchen, windows, doors, fireplace, roof, and attic.

Organize your checklist by different areas of your home, and you should start outside and work your way inside. All items on your list should be checked for very good, fair, or poor condition. Take notes if you notice something strange or smell something funny, or if a gutter comes loose in the side of the house. No matter how small or large the defect is, it is important that you take a note before the professional inspector enters the scene.

Usually when you plan to buy your dream home you tend to overlook some details of the home because you are too happy to own it, only to later realize that the property you bought is not your dream home in absolute. Therefore, you should be cautious and start by doing a home inspection before closing any deal.

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