Sector Group, a renowned Italian watch company combining Swiss watchmaking expertise with Italian design, started in 1973. In the mid-1980s, it became a prestigious name and is now a leading name in the watch industry. Italian sports watchmaking. The group’s movement began with the Sector brand, which in the 1980s dominated the Italian watch market. At some point in the same period, the Group revitalized the Philip Watch brand.

Sector Group started a diversification tactic in the early 1990s with the launch of the Chronostar and MoDe brands. The group obtained the consent to manufacture “Roberto Cavalli watches” in March 2000. After the acquisition of the Opera company, it obtained the license of “Valentino” in October 2002. It closed the union with Benetton Group for the brands. Sisley and United Colors of Benetton in 2003.

Sector Group has a strong structure of production partners, commercial offices and distributors around the world. The early and mid-1980s could well be described as the golden age of the Sector watch brand. The account of this prominent brand started in the same period. The brand made its journey to all the evocative and distant places on earth linked through great and tremendous sporting events. Sector is producing watches for people with an optimistic approach to life and for those persistently motivated to excel in daily tests. Mainly, Sector presents a wide variety of sports watches. The amount of appreciation your watches receive is the result of tireless design research and immense consideration for quality.

Never make a mistake by thinking of it as an ordinary sports watch producer. Rather, it is a fashion sports watch manufacturer that offers superior feat and innovative design without knowing limits. Being a world champion in the sports category, he started a unique plan in the world. He formed an association of the best athletes to give his brand a reputation. This policy has paid a huge dividend over the years. He has kept this policy in practice from the beginning to make further product innovations with the help of these super athletes. Each Sector model could easily be described as an imposing watch with assured superiority and consistency. Even under the most intense of circumstances, he has stood the test of time and emerged victorious. Almost all Sector watches are “up to date” and feature an irregular Swiss Quartz trademark design or automatic movement.

The use of steel and titanium makes it highly resistant to water. The Sector watch models that have brought glory to the company are the elegant 130 series, the Expander 135 series, the lively Expander 750 series and the Expander 950. Sector Watch Company follows an astonishing point of view labeled “No Limits”. It is a unique approach to life that Sector supports and rejoins. Since 1989, Sector has dedicated sources to fully underpin the adventures of athletes from a variety of intense disciplines in sports. The result is the “Unlimited Team” of the Sector. The association, with more than 20 men and women, welcomed athletes who persist in redefining the limits of human talent. Team members are often busy with amazing events throughout the year to bring the brand name to life.

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