The special group of the WHO Executive Board for the revision of the Constitution proposed that the preamble be amended to read (World Health Organization (1997) Revision of the Constitution …, EB 10 1/7, p.2 )

“Health is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and not simply the absence of disease or illness”

In January 1998, the Executive Board endorsed this proposal of the Task Force and adopted resolution EB 10 1.R2 recommending that the World Health Assembly amend the preamble of the Constitution accordingly (World Health Organization (1998) Council Executive 101st Session, Resolutions and Decisions, EB101.1998 / REC / l, p. 52-53)

In 2005, the Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion in a Globalized World endorsed a “positive and inclusive concept of health as a determinant of quality of life and encompassing mental and spiritual well-being.”

Since the first definition of the WHO – “Health is the absence of a disease”, we have come a long way. And this is certainly on time because after a long career in science and discovery, the world is rapidly entering a new era that feels lost for the lack of healthy answers to many of its questions in its materialistic domain.

Especially when it comes to health and disease, we can only go so far and then we go blank. There are groundbreaking drugs and super talented surgeons, yet children die young, babies are born with deformities, organs stop working before their expiration date, and otherwise healthy people lose their memory. This is in addition to the multitude of mental illnesses that baffle experts around the world as they use trial and error to “fix” things. And we are in the 21st century !!

Can man really claim to have understood the human body and its reproduction process? Some may swear by genetics to have acquired all the knowledge, but I always have a question: you know that certain genetic coding leads to certain characteristics and others decide the location of the organs in the body and other details, however, who made this super clever genetic coding in the first place? I mean it goes beyond the extension of the word “amazing”! The son of a man is born as a man with all systems and microsystems in exactly the same place with exactly the same function for years together! The system that made it possible or that made it possible in the first place cannot be a random “Big Bang”! No, it was not a random event that not only humans but thousands of creatures inhabited this earth with a perfect genetic coding and a perfect place in the ecosystem and each with a perfect intelligence in the art of survival.

It had to be a superpower and Spirituality is the recognition of this superpower that built the smallest of its creatures with perfection and with a PURPOSE.

This purpose and connection to the superpower makes us spiritual beings who have been given a human body to experience challenges and learn the very essence of life.

Many diseases are forms of these challenges that come to us with some lessons. There are currently many studies available in which faith healing and energy healing methods significantly cured or at least improved quality of life in patients with intractable and life-threatening illnesses. Most of these methods work with emotional labor. Many illnesses have been cured with the release of trapped negative energy due to long-standing unresolved issues that can sometimes be traced even in past lives.

Experts from various scientific fields around the world have experienced the positive effects of spiritual healing on their patients and that includes American psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, who has done groundbreaking work in regression and past life regression therapy.

This is not a way to dispute the role of medicine, however, it is necessary to understand that there are things beyond our physique that determine the quality of our health and, when considering treatment, we must look beyond what is popularizes more.

Today, physicians around the world are overworked and leave little to no time to understand the needs of the patient as a person. Patients, especially those with chronic and terminal illnesses, suffer much more than physical disability and pain. There is emotional pain from loss of health, family upheavals, pain from dependency, financial burden, and much more that must be addressed just as much as physical illness.

In this age of specialization, there is hardly any consideration of the patient as a person … it is a kidney, a heart, a lung … But the one who suffers is not the kidney or the heart, it is a person who is also much more than the organs, are emotions, needs and feelings. Also, since illness is a wake-up call for oneself, spiritual needs are at an all-time high. In the absence of anyone to take care of these needs, illnesses spread from the physical to the mental, through the emotional and spiritual.

Man has achieved much and science has given us much, however, our truth goes further. The famous hierarchy of need theory of the great philosopher Sir Abraham Maslow speaks of man’s highest need to be a ‘transcendental self-realization’, while Albert Einstein, the man of science, said: “Everyone who is seriously involved in the search for science it is convinced that a spirit manifests itself in the laws of the Universe, a spirit far superior to that of man, and before which we, with our modest powers, must feel humble. “

“Unless we open ourselves to this holistic definition of humanity, our questions and our efforts will always be half rewarded. We all know what Einstein famously quoted:” Science without religion is unconvincing. Religion without science is blind “

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