I’m sure all vehicle owners would agree that there is a long list of factors to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. While some people will base their decision solely on price, other people may base their decision on the vehicle’s fuel economy, associated status, the number of passengers that can be accommodated, and even cargo space. Many people also prefer certain luxuries like air conditioning and power steering, while something like a decent sound system, while great to have, might not be the main criteria when looking for a new wheelset.

There are so many different types of vehicles to choose from, ranging from sedans to sports cars, hatchbacks, workhorses, and four-by-four, just to name a few. The lifestyle of an individual and the purpose of the vehicle under consideration would play an important role in deciding what type of vehicle to invest in. The range of affordable vehicles offered by most vehicle manufacturers also makes the decision much more difficult and therefore it is no longer possible to make a decision based solely on price.

Hatchbacks are becoming very popular vehicle options. These vehicles basically offer the best of both worlds. They offer the passenger space typical of normal sedans, but also provide the luxury of a larger cargo area. Furthermore, these little cars are designed in such a way that the rear seats can be folded down to basically double (or triple?) The available cargo space.

The hatchback was introduced as early as the 1950s and quickly became a very popular vehicle in many countries around the world, particularly Australia and Europe. Having said that at that stage they were considered a smaller type of truck (still with the open cargo area associated with pickup trucks) and consumers were even offered the choice between three and five door vehicles back then …

A couple of years later, in the 1970s, the need for a smaller, cheaper vehicle arose and the hatchback was slightly refined and evolved into smaller, more affordable, but still highly practical cars.

Car manufacturers soon realized that this type of vehicle was becoming more and more popular and later introduced a number of sportier designs, which made this type of vehicle even more attractive to the masses. Therefore, it was now possible to offer a vehicle with the cargo capacity and functionality of a typical sedan, but the vehicle was much smaller, more refined and also more affordable. The rest, as they say, is history and the popularity of hatchbacks has grown to such an extent that all modern vehicle manufacturers offer a hatchback model as part of their vehicle range.

With the number of different hatchbacks available on the market, choosing the perfect vehicle for your needs and requirements can seem a bit overwhelming, but the fact is, the choice is a good one. Consumers can now compare and contrast many different manufacturers and their available vehicles and make an informed decision based on more than just price.

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