The halo effect in diamond engagement rings has taken the solitaire wedding and engagement ring industry to a turn that has not been taken before. Before this, princess cut and round cut solitaire diamond rings occupied the hearts and minds of customers. Its beauty and brilliance were not compared to any other artifact that was brought to showrooms with a product of hope to counter its popularity. In fact, at one point, these rings were sold so much that they more than made up for the balance. However, since the release of these pluperfect halo rings, the popularity of princess cut solitaires has been greatly overshadowed. Then comes the era of the eclipse rings.

Another halo ring with a colored stone

Rose gold is very much in vogue these days. Fortunately, you will also find some designs in the halo rings section. This is a treat for the eyes. Set with a large square ruby ​​in the center, this is bordered with white diamonds around the edge. The ring’s soft cuts are a departure from the classic rounded trim, but that seems to be part of the plan. The band emerges in a straight line to a point from where it curves to complete the circle. Linear earrings are studded with similar diamond settings. You can alter that with diamonds if you want. The ruby ​​on top can also be replaced with a sapphire stone of your choice. You can also choose to have a pink diamond as the center stone, as it would be more relevant to the soft pink sparkle of rose gold.

Floral accent: a halo ring with a difference

Bloom and blush, while abstract, are things that only a pair of eyes can grasp. If any qualifying word rounds out the aesthetics of this piece, then it would be both. The ring is in the halo style as mentioned, but with an extremely beautiful floral design. The silhouette of the center cushion diamond is lined with smaller diamonds. Although the halo does not interrupt the concretion of the shape of the pinching stone, four stones are strategically placed at the intermediate points to create a wonderful floral appeal. The band is plain platinum with no detail interruptions. The smaller stones are supported by micro-paving, while the larger stones and the center stone are set on spike supports. The ring is unique in the truest sense.

A garland of many stones

Most people will find that the halo effect is best seen when stones of a different shade are used to shape the center stone. It just makes the lining look more prominent. This is the best photo for those who agree. A fiery yellow sapphire stone on top with a chain of white diamonds bordering it is a wonderful sight. The band has three diamonds on each side. You may want to try a few different gemstones for better customization. All in all, this gold wedding ring is daring and heavier than the previous two.

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