Want to take a helicopter tour of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon? Excellent option. But do yourself a favor: don’t pay full price. Especially when there are a lot of coupons and promo codes online.

Tour operators offer discounts because they want your business. In fact, they want it more than the army of intermediaries (janitors, travel agents, brokers) who represent them.

A little weird, huh?

In the travel business, the use of “middlemen” to sell tours is standard practice. Help tour operators bring their products to more people. But it comes at a cost: operators have no control over how a broker sells their tours. For example, a runner can increase the cost of a tour as much as he wants. You can also offer guarantees that the company cannot meet. Or you could try upgrading to a more expensive travel package.

How to overcome these obstacles? Buy your helicopter tour directly from the operator online. The best thing for the travel company is to provide you with the tour that best suits your needs at a fair price and better than that offered by external sellers.

Papillon Helicopters is a great example of a company offering their tours at a great price. For example, their popular North Canyon tour, which departs daily from the Grand Canyon airport, costs $ 169 but sells online for $ 133. Or take their Majestic tour, which sells for $ 191 and is It sells online for $ 158. To get these promotional offers, you must book online at the Papillon website, which is safe and easy to use.

Here are some quick facts about South Rim helicopter tours:

  • They depart from the Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, AZ, which is located 10 miles south of the main entrance to the National Park.
  • Flights depart every day of the year, including all holidays.
  • The Majestic air tour takes place on an EcoStar 130 aircraft, which has been customized with 180-degree windows and stadium-style seating.
  • Try to book an early morning flight in case you have to reschedule it due to weather.
  • Typical South Rim flights start over the Kaibab Plateau and head straight to the Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest part of the Canyon, before returning to the North Rim.
  • Flights last around 30 minutes.
  • Charter flights are available.

If you’ve read this far, you have a good idea of ​​how to find and redeem coupons for helicopter flights on the South Rim.

The key things to remember are:

1) Buy directly from the tour operator; and
2) book it online.

Follow these simple steps and you will get a great helicopter tour at the right price.

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