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unleash low auto loan rates! HURRY — SALE ENDS JANUARY 4, 2022 GECU is offering auto loan rates as low as 1.79% APR* for 48 months** to unleash an unforgettable end of the year!

GECU - Auto Loans

Compare auto insurance to include liability, comprehensive and collision insurance. Car-loan interest rates are based on your credit score. Order your free annual credit report to check your credit history and credit score at; Estimate your car payment with GECU’s loan calculator.; Visit to find out the condition and history of the used car.

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A GECU certificate offers area-leading rates helping you build an optimal savings plan. With a variety of terms available, you can begin earning with as low as $500. Certificates give you a fixed-rate return making them a safe, risk-free option to help achieve your savings goals. A certificate includes: Area-leading certificate rates

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