The iPad has a lot of functionality. It can double as a note taker, calculator, organizer, and alarm clock. The iPad also has the ability to browse the Internet and log into your email accounts and social sites.

However, my favorite feature of the iPad is the ability to transform into a compact gaming device that boasts power over most consoles.

Here are five of the iPad games that had me addicted for a long, long time. Check it out!

1. Temple run – It seems too obvious. Temple Run has been called by experts “the next Angry Birds” because it is simple yet incredibly addictive. In Temple Run, you must run through an ancient temple while avoiding obstacles such as trees, traps and fire and collecting coins and power-ups, while trying to lose the wild carnivorous monkeys that are chasing you. The best thing about Temple Run is that it is free to download.

two. Wizard gauntlet – Retro is the new “awesome graphics”! Mage Gauntlet is a retro-style role-playing game (RPG) that focuses on bringing back the feeling of nostalgia when we first play Zelda or Final Fantasy. In this game, you control the story of Lexi, a magician with anti-magic characteristics: she cannot conjure or create magic and when she touches something magical, it explodes. Well, except for one thing, the wizard’s glove, a glove that stores magic for later use. Since it can only store magic, you will play all missions in the style of a battle paladin: very little magic and a lot of play with the sword.

3. Katamari love – A cool new concept! You control a piece of sticky ball (actually, there is someone who rolls the ball, but it is extremely small) that picks up everything it rolls on. You can only get items that are smaller than your current ball, but it gets bigger and bigger every time you put them in. At first you can only roll thumbtacks, coins, and candy, but in later levels you can roll people, cars, buildings, even islands! Katamari Amore is also known for her endearing earworm soundtracks.

Four. Muffin Knight – Collecting muffins has never been so much fun! In Muffin Knight, you are pushed to different levels, each level requires you to collect a certain amount of muffins, all while avoiding an endless barrage of enemies. However, there is a catch: for every bun collected, your character, along with his ability, changes. At the beginning of the game, you are a knight, but as you progress you become a candy-vomiting zombie, a rainbow-pooping unicorn, or a sumo panda. Fun!

5. Tower madness – iTunes is literally packed with defense games, but most of them are not worth downloading. Tower Madness is not one of those. In Tower Madness, you protect your sheep from aliens by creating different types of towers and upgrading them. Tower Madness is extremely cute, but it has tons of challenging gaming experiences for you.

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