Slums or squatter communities known as “Hooverville” during President Hoover’s tenure as President (or in the past, as my son would say) began to sprout across America due to the aftermath of the Great Depression. These heterogeneous “communities” were made up of people who had been evicted from their homes or from their farms. These individuals, labeled homeless, were forced to live a degrading existence amid grotesque piles of accumulated garbage, made up of discarded public remains of food they had to eat or various items of value they could sell. The poor and willing cooked their meager portions of food in cans over an open fire, covering themselves with old newspapers while wearing Hoover shoes with holes in the soles. The only landscape was blurred by dust in the summer and mud in the winter as they inhaled the stench of all the trash and extremely unsanitary ruined outbuildings. These poor Depression-era bums, however, cannot be compared to today’s modern freeloaders, lazy, selfish people who are calculating in their tactics and who by no means suffer as much as the displaced victims of the Great Depression.

Yes, we are suffering, and indeed times are changing, but eating banana peels and using newspapers is not the same as eating your entire family or friends fries while watching a rerun of Friends on your cable TV. . With the current economic crisis, many people have had to rely on family, friends, and relatives to help them through their financial setback. However, the point is that many find this life of “luxury” very accommodating, so they remain as permanent guests taking advantage of the hospitality of a loved one. This is not something new, it is only happening more often nowadays thanks to our lovely crumbling economy, but I, for one, believe that free charging is wrong and needs to be stopped. There is a difference between visiting a loved one and tidying up your home.

Here you have an example. Several years ago my husband and I moved to Florida. Every year we returned to New Jersey to visit family and friends. Well, my husband would always invite everyone to come to Florida and stay at our house, so they wouldn’t have to spend money on a hotel, forgetting that we were only renting a small 2-bedroom apartment. Naturally, everyone seized the opportunity, including their drinking buddies, who arrived in a car loaded with suitcases and alcohol. He worked the night shift at the post office and needed to sleep during the day. Well, once, it seems that our bedroom was offered to his drinking partner and his friend’s wife, while I had to get by in my two young children’s room. These moochers arrived empty-handed and ate like there was no tomorrow. One week turned into two weeks, which seemed to extend into more. I told my husband to kick them out, which he refused to do saying they were his guests, and that would be rude of him. He was furious, worked nights, and didn’t get enough sleep. During the day, they would go down to the beach or explore the area, having a great time. The woman did nothing to help me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I called the hotels in the area and asked what their prices were, and when the couple returned that afternoon, I told them that they had to leave, that it was already two weeks, and that I needed my room back. The man said I was paying my husband $ 20.00 a week for the room, which was ridiculous … Imagine thinking that $ 20.00 a week would cover the cost of 3 meals a day plus my room for two. No way, José, he had to be crazy. Well I have to say that after they saw how angry I was, they got the message loud and clear by calling a nephew who lived in the area right away. That bothered me even more, knowing that they had a nephew who lived nearby, and I had to be bothered by this pair of tricksters. So instead of going to a hotel where they had to pay, they ended up at their nephew’s house. Bon voyage finally, but that still didn’t stop the flow of guests coming and going and downloading free from us. This created a lot of hostility between my husband and me. Finally, after 7 years of acting like a drunk bed and breakfast, we moved back to New Jersey. That prevented family and friends from visiting.

The point is, all the thieves and freeloaders acted in the same rude and selfish way. No one understood why I was irritated, worked, sacrificed living space, cooked, did all the shopping and was imposed on me for too long. I guess there is a maid guide out there that everyone swears by.

The Moocher Guide:

Law # 1: Find a kind, generous, and trustworthy friend or family member and arrange a “short” but indefinite visit.

Law number 2: convince these brands to become your personal ATM.

Law number 3: Always manipulate others not to pay your fair share, rigid drinking buddies with the check, homeless people, sponge cigarettes, meals, etc.

Law number 4: Never, under any circumstances, clean what you make dirty. This sets a dangerous precedent.

Law number 5: Always raid any unattended refrigerator. Don’t leave anything.

Law number 6: Never be polite. Assume that it is yours by natural law, consume and destroy.

Law number 7: Have fun while the brands work. What are vacations for?

Law number 8: Make yourself scarce when housework time arises.

Frankly, freeloaders are a threat to society. People who have fretting problems get depressed and upset for good reason. To make matters worse, moochers often do not bathe, flush the toilet or clean the seat when they are done, or do not wash their own clothes. What thieves actually do is use the phone all night, leaving it off the hook when they’re done. They leave the TV on all night and are loud as you try to get some sleep to avoid them. If subtle innuendo and veiled innuendo don’t work, throw all your belongings outside and change the locks. The following is my own manual, which lists the problems with moochers and ways to treat them.

Miriam’s Manual:

PROBLEM: A friend or loved one shows up uninvited, looking for sympathy and a place to stay.

SOLUTION: If someone shows up uninvited, you can politely tell them that you were leaving and that you don’t have time to chat. The most powerful weapon an exploiter has is to use guilt to get what they want from you. Be prepared for this. Don’t feel guilty. Always be wary of those who love to be with you, but who always seem to forget to bring their wallet. Always mention before going anywhere that involves a cost, if the other person has their wallet with them. Or you can just say that you better be Dutch. If the person then says they have no money, you say, ‘Sorry, I don’t have enough, to pay for you too, so we’ll have to skip it.’

PROBLEM: A friend or loved one always wants to visit you but does not invite you to visit. Always try to exchange home visits.

SOLUTION: If someone was at your house this week watching the game and eating all your goodies and drinking your beer, then you recommend doing it at their house the following week. If they don’t cooperate, don’t bother with them. If they are taking advantage of you, start controlling your dealings with them or stop it altogether. You want to tell them that you are not a money tree nor are you their restaurant, hotel or cleaning service. You have to nip this behavior in the bud, because the longer you wait, the more tense you’ll be and the harder it will be to get rid of these people. Then it becomes the rights of the squatters. They have all the rights and you duck.

PROBLEM: Your relative wants to stay with you until you “get well.” If they live with you, you have to give them a deadline to leave your house.

SOLUTION: One way to prevent moochers from staying in your home is to keep the refrigerator or cabinets as empty as possible. Hide your supplies somewhere; give them a list of tasks to do. If they complain, tell them to buy their own food or they can leave.

PROBLEM: You feel like a maid with all the clutter left behind and you get tired of things like your guest leaving dirty bedding, wet towels on the bed or on the bathroom counter.

SOLUTION: House guests should clean up after themselves. If they are there for a week or so, they should offer to take the host out for dinner because of their problems. If they plan to return, tell them that you already have plans for that time and that no one will be home. Try to make your apology sound sincere and convincing to the best of your ability.

PROBLEM: Family members will come to your house and stay as long as they want to save on hotel expenses. So the longer they stay, the more resentment builds up, which will eventually damage family relationships.

SOLUTION: Family members do not have the right to break in because they are family, they must first call or write. If they arrive unexpectedly, take them to a hotel or take them to the nearest transport. Don’t let thieves take over the house; They need to help out by cooking, doing their own laundry, and throwing in some cash. They do not have the right to take advantage of you to save on expenses because somewhere in the family tree, you inherited part of their blood or your spouse did.

PROBLEM: Guests who don’t leave when it’s late.

SOLUTION: If you feel your eyelids starting to get heavy or if you have a severe case of hives, start yawning, scratching and getting up quietly and politely; Mention that you had a pleasant evening, that you should repeat the visit at ANOTHER more convenient time. If you continue to stand, they will get up, at least you hope so, and then they will start walking towards the door. If they don’t get the hint, then tell them that you have to go to work the next day and that you are tired and want to go to bed. My mother swears by the broom. She said that when you want the company that stayed up there to welcome them out, flip the broom by the door and see that it works. Yes, mom, like in your dream, that is not going to happen.

PROBLEM: The friend or relative who always sponges your money and never returns it or who considers it their personal and unpaid taxi service.

SOLUTION: Just say you don’t mind taking them where they go, but you have no gas in your car or money to pay for gas to get there, and NEVER lend to anyone who has put money back to you twice.

Follow these simple tips and you will soon be free of frees. Good luck!

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