Army Reserve and Army National Guard soldiers in the Troop Program Unit (TPU), who have 20 years of qualification to retire, are subject to a retention review every two years. The components of the reserve want to keep the most qualified soldiers. If you are not selected for retention in the TPU, you will face transfer to another control group.

If you meet these criteria, you are eligible for the QRB review:

1. You have officially received your “Notice of Eligibility for Retiree Pay at 60” letter.

2. Previously, it received a favorable decision from the QRB, but its commander requested that it be reviewed again.

3. The QRB allowed him to stay at the TPU, except that he will be reviewed again in one year.

Soldiers subject to the QRB, for completing 20 good years for retirement, are generally reviewed every two years. Both “2” and “3” above correspond to cases in which a soldier’s record could be seen before the age of 2 years.

If you meet the following criteria, you are not eligible for the retention review by QRB:

1. You don’t officially have a good 20 years to retire.

2. You are within 9 months of your 60th birthday.

3. You are not qualified for MOS for your position and rank within your unit.

4. You are prohibited from re-enlisting.

5. You are suspended from favorable actions.

6. Has been promoted less than a year after the call of the QRB.

7. You are a Command Sergeant Major in a specific CSM position listed in AR 135-205.

8. You have over 18 years of active duty under your belt and are eligible for sanctuary.

9. Serves in the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) and is subject to the Qualitative Management Program.

Process notification:

You and your commander will receive a package. This will include a letter informing you that QRB is considering your records.

If the QRB decides not to retain it, to which control group do you want it transferred? You can select to transfer to Withdrawn Reserves or Ready Individual Reserves (reinforcement). If the board decides against your retention in the Troop Program Unit, they will transfer you to the control group you select.

Both you and your commander will have the opportunity to provide statements. You can also choose not to provide a statement.

If the board decides to remove you from the Troop Program Unit, your transfer must be made no later than 90 days after the board’s decision. The board could extend this up to 180 days if your transfer had an adverse impact on your unit’s mission.

An example of this would be if it is in implementation and is crucial for that implementation. The board will extend your transfer date until a reasonable time after your return. This is as long as it does not extend beyond 180 days of your decision.

Another justification for extending it up to 180 days is if your immediate transfer is not in the best interest of your unit. There are other examples, specific to your unit and you, that might give you a chance to get this extension.

If you have dual status, as a military technician, you can request to remain in your current TPU assignment. However, conditions apply, details are listed in AR 135-205.

If the QRB votes to remove you from the TPU, you are disqualified from participating in a TPU in the future.


AR 135-205

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