Weight loss is a huge topic in modern society. An example is the Celebrity Fit Club diet plan. This plan appeared on VH1 and quickly became a hit television show. The show featured overweight celebrities trying to lose weight and exercise to achieve their desired goals. It was a wonder to behold and often difficult to watch, but the ultimate goal of the show was to shed more light on the Celebrity Fit Club Diet program.

The Celebrity Fit Club diet program is based on four levels: the detox phase, the foundation phase, the building phase, and the lifetime phase. As you might imagine, each phase has different levels of food intake, exercise, and lifestyle changes that you must make to keep your body fit and healthy.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The Detox Phase: This phase helps you get rid of excess toxins that have built up in your body. By far, this is the strictest part of the diet; It lasts for about nine days and can be the hardest time for anyone starting a diet. You can only eat fruits, vegetables, oatmeal (unsweetened), beans, and nuts. Along with drinking plenty of water, your body will detoxify and your system will also begin to shed excess body fat.

The foundation phase: In this phase, the constraints are relaxed a bit. Now you can eat lean meats like fish and chicken. The key to the first phase is to help you get into the habit of eating a healthier diet; To take advantage of that, this phase allows you to eat more substantive foods, while keeping your body used to the healthy diet. This phase lasts about three weeks.

The Building Phase: In this phase, you add whole grains and cereals to your diet. Therefore, starting from the first two phases: the body eats healthy, the body eats substantially, and finally: the body eats properly.

The Lifetime Phase – As you might guess, this is the longest “phase” of the diet. Why are they known as white foods? Well, simply put: they are white. White foods consist of breads, pasta, rice and other natural cereals, you can also consume small amounts of alcohol if you wish. This final phase offers your body the ability to not only be healthy, learn to eat substantial foods, maintain proper portions, but also to provide energy to the system without your body storing the energy in the form of fat.

Eating well is simply not enough. No matter how much you train your mind, body, and soul to want to eat properly, your system still needs to burn energy that you don’t use during the day, which is why exercise is a must.

Some of the benefits of the Celebrity Fit club exercise program are:

  • You can do the program completely online.
  • No medications or supplements are required to complete this program.
  • You will also have a full support team to help you understand your weight issues and form a healthy diet.
  • You will receive countless posts and tips on ways to control your appetite. The books also teach you about lifestyle changes that will allow you to lose weight more quickly and then keep it off.

It all sounds great, right? Well, just like any plan that wants to have members, there are also some downsides:

  • The Celebrity Fit Club does not offer any type of money-back guarantee program.
  • The lifestyle changes involved in this program may be more difficult for some to adhere to, resulting in dissatisfaction with the program.
  • This program does not offer any supplements to suppress hunger or boost metabolism.

Remember: weight loss diets that promise unrealistic results without exercising or watching what you eat will fail. To lose weight quickly and keep it off, a lifestyle change is needed – you need to eat healthy servings of fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, and meats. Lastly, you need a wonderful exercise program. If you think this program is right for you, go ahead! Nothing stops your ambition to be slim, slim and happy than simply you!

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