There are a total of 36 Xbox 360 achievements for Brink with no secret achievements to report. The following (36) Brink achievements will earn you another 1000 Player Score Points if you can unlock them all.

5 points

Alive … again! – Revive yourself

No, I insist, you take it: use the last of your supplies to reload a teammate’s ammo instead of your own.

Bit of a Headache – Defeat an enemy with a Bark Bomb

10 points

Here’s how you win a game: While on defense, defeat an attacker who is completing a primary objective.

It won’t end until the fat lady sings – Take down an enemy with shots while being downed

Cut Them In Step – Closing an enemy team’s shortcut

Oh sorry, was it yours? – Capture an enemy command post

You’re not that clever now, are you? – Reveal an enemy in disguise.

Was it the red wire or the blue wire? – Disarm an HE load

Great shot boy! One in a million: take down an enemy by firing a grenade

Use the Wheel, Earn More XP – Complete an objective after selecting it first on the objective wheel

I think I know a shortcut: open a shortcut for your team

Well done! – Complete your first 1-star challenge

It is a trap! – Take down an enemy with a Satchel Charge

Smart Decisions Win Battles – Try to revive a target class teammate over a non-target teammate near a primary objective

Turn up the volume! – Upgrade your team’s command post

Better to give than receive: As a medic, using the Transfer Supplies ability, give away the last of your supplies

Boom! – Detonate an HE charge

That mine you found? Disarmed! – Find a mine that is later deactivated by another engineer.

Brinksmanship – Complete an operational primary objective within 5 seconds of breaking the disguise.

20 points

You will not pass! – While on defense, prevent attackers from completing their first objective.

They never knew what hit them – while on offense, win the match in less than 30% of the time limit

The start of something great: Win any mission, whether campaign or What if …

Very well done! – Complete your first 3-star challenge

25 points

Who is bad? – Complete all 1-star challenges

50 points

Long live the revolution! – Win every mission in the Resistance campaign, including What If …

To Serve and Protect: Win all missions in the Security Campaign, including hypothetical missions.

Well that was educational – collect all the audio logs

75 points

You have escaped the Ark: Win all the main missions of the Resistance campaign (not including the What If missions …)

Saved the Ark – Win all main missions in the Security Campaign (excluding hypothetical missions)

80 points

Tough As Nails – Win every campaign mission ever (except What If missions) in Online Versus mode or Hard mode.

100 points

The story has just begun: Win both story campaigns (excluding the What If missions)

Time to start a new character: Reach Rank 5

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