Betty Boop figurines: fine art and valuable investment

Collectibles have long been a popular pursuit for fans of TV shows, cartoons, movies, and comics. Collecting souvenirs from these forms of entertainment makes for a fun, exciting, and often profitable hobby for many fans.

Even once the obsession or fascination with a particular show or character wears off, a collection can often be sold to fund the latest intrigue or to provide some much-needed extra cash. In this article we will explore this phenomenon with a sex symbol dressed in stockings that has been with us since the 1930s.

Sensual singer background

Ever since she first appeared on movie screens on August 9, 1930, diminutive Betty has stolen the hearts of fans around the world. Created by animator Myron “Grim” Natwick, its popularity has endured for over 80 years, and it is clear that it has become and will continue to be an enduring sex symbol and icon for a long time to come.

Combining the best qualities of two icons of the 1920s, screen siren Clara Bow and sultry singer Helen Kane, Betty won admirers through her rare combination of outrageous sex appeal and a genuinely huge heart.

Her popularity shifted from the big screen to the homes and homes of collectors around the world as fans clamored for the opportunity to take Betty home in the form of a wide range of Betty Boop merchandise.

One of the most collectible categories of these products is the Betty Boop figures.

Why are Betty Boop figures so popular?

While many forms of Betty Boop memorabilia have proven worth collecting, including plates, mouse pads, posters, music boxes, and cookie jars, one of the most enduring incarnations is the Betty Boop figure.

Our guess is that the figurines have gained such popularity and collectability because they feature Betty in all her three-dimensional glory.

The rare figures date back to the 1930s, when Betty was at the height of her popularity. Engaged collectors search far and wide for these rarities that can be very difficult to find.

While these nearly century-old figures may come at a high price for those who find and trade them, Betty Boop statues can be enjoyed by collectors of much more modest means, putting Betty on the budget. from any collector.

This affordability combined with Betty’s natural appeal has made her one of the most popular collectibles with an avid and rabid fan base.

Where can you find Betty Boop figures?

It is not difficult to find these figures. They abound online, on Amazon, eBay, and a myriad of specialty stores. You can usually find these collectibles in vintage and curio stores as well.

They are typically priced affordably ranging from $ 15 on the low end to $ 40 or more on the high end.

There are also some “special edition” collectibles available, such as the “Calendar Girl” series. The special editions are usually all hand painted with a brush, with certificates of authenticity.

A word of caution for beginners, there are a lot of inferior Betty Boop figures out there. As always, be careful, check certificates of authenticity, receipts (if available), and gather as much information as you can on collector forums.

Determining the value of your Betty Boop figures: how much are they worth?

While value is in the buyer’s eye and ultimately any collectible is worth what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller in an arm’s length transaction, excitement inevitably comes into play when it comes to collectors. passionate.

To get a thumbnail idea of ​​what your figures are worth, the quickest and easiest way is to simply log into your eBay account and do a “completed items” search for Betty Boop figures.

This will show you what real people have paid in real life transactions buying and selling these collectibles. However, be sure to check the listings because authentic antique Betty figurines will cost a lot more if you sell them through a collector’s channel rather than an eBay auction.

So, use eBay search results as a guide, but not as a bible for values. Remember, all you have to do is find someone who is looking for the figure you have and you will get a much better price.

A revival of the 80s

Betty enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the 1980s, becoming ubiquitous in bags, belts, T-shirts, belts, towels, key chains, blankets, and especially in art prints.

This resurgence was likely the result of Betty’s appearance in three films that decade, including the wildly successful “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988), as well as “The Romance of Betty Boop” (1984) and “The Betty Boop? Mystery “(1989).

Cheerful collectibles to brighten up your days

If you enjoy Betty Boop, and of course not, then take a look at her figurines and other memorabilia and capture some of the innocent mischief and nostalgia that she represents.

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