A queen size bed is ideal for sleeping alone, with someone, or even for those times when more than two people need to share a space. These beds come in a multitude of varieties, from waterbeds to pillowtop mattresses, standard mattresses, and a simple queen-size bed frame. Rather than feeling awkward and limited with a smaller bed, having a queen-size bed is a winning solution.

Slightly smaller than a king bed, a queen-size bed offers just the right amount of space for multiple people and just the right amount of space for those who are “active” sleepers and on the move in their sleep. This bed size ensures that, under most normal circumstances, the average person will not have to worry about falling off the edge of the mattress or parts of the body hanging off the sides of the bed at night. Having a bigger mattress also helps people keep the mattress “new” longer. More sleeping area will reduce the need to flip the mattress by making it easier to find new sleeping areas without being confined to them, causing a permanent indentation to form in the mattress less quickly.

Having a queen size bed is also a great way to provide plenty of storage space under the bed. Shoe boxes, plastic containers, and folded blankets of many different shapes and sizes can be pushed and stacked underneath these frames. This can lead to a great reduction in the amount of clutter in storage closets and trunks, and is a good way for people to keep things they don’t need close at hand at all times. Using this extra space in this way will also help the bed to move less, especially if the frame is on wheels or on a surface that lacks carpet. A queen-size bed frame can take up more space in a room than a smaller bed, but that doesn’t mean space is wasted; it can be used in other ways with a little creative thinking. Cord concealment and room division are just a few of the viable options.

A queen size bed can be as extravagant, or as simple, as the owner chooses. A larger sleeping area means that the head and foot of the bed can be larger and more intricate. Alternatively, space can be saved by simply choosing to use the queen size bed frame, mattress and box spring without an additional extension. High or low, a queen-size bed is as customizable as paint and bedroom decor, and the options are limitless for those who take the time to examine multiple angles.

Having such a large bed is not for everyone, but it is the right option for those who have the space available. People spend most of their lives in bed, and allowing a treat like a custom, comfortable box spring and mattress is a positive way for people to enjoy this time. Sofas, rugs, and appliances can be purchased for strictly aesthetic purposes; Choosing a comfortable, appropriately sized and durable bed is a decision that must be carefully considered. People should feel more comfortable when they are lounging, and a queen-size bed is a great way to make sure this is the case.

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